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Hi Forum,

I recently joined a group that plans to build a large DBAG HO-scale layout. It was decided that Fleischmann Profi track will be used throughout the layout. It was also decided that the track should be weathered (the sides of the rail painted a rusty grimy colour).

Unfortunately Profi Track can not be weathered in the conventional manner by airbrushing it as the ballast will then also be covered with paint. I have done some experiments and it seems that the only way to do it properly is to hand paint it. The only problem is that it will be about 250 metres of track which means that eventually one will have to paint nearly 1 km of rail by hand!

Is there anybody out there with experience on Fleischmann Profi Track and more specific the weathering of the track?

Please let me have your ideas.

Thanks and regards.

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