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Weathering red brick

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I have KIBRI 9366 which is a big station which has a lot of nice red brick work, I would like to weather this before I glue the rest of the parts to it, what is the best way to get the white or cement colour of the mortar onto the bricks?

Dry brush it on?


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Hello mr.James

You mean how to paint the below works?
I use Guaj color white and abit black and bit green or yellow mixed
after near drying let say 10-15 mints later I clean the surface hardly with a piece of cloth


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Hi Anthony,

Make up all of the building before weathering any filling can be done where required ready for paint ....... the method i use is paint the main colour pick out doors /windows/dowpipes add glazing ......... then washes of colour and drybrush.

** abdusta ** the buildings here look great the brickwork picked out well
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I'm not sure which kit you have but most Kibri will need the bricks dulling down first. Personally i have used white acrylic paint, well thinned smeared on with a damp cloth. Light dry brushing with greys greens etc. will then bring up other dirt. Also beware, mortar can frequently take on a dark grey colour.


To manage to acheive a really deep colour on your brickwork i suggest repainting the entire building. First undercoat the building with halfords grey primer then paint the building in acrylic terracotta red. Then when that has dreid ( leave for about 2 hours start your washes using black first, paint over the entire building with very very watered down black acrylic. do this a few times leaving each wash to dry first. This will make the building look quite dark. Then get a creamy white / mortar colour and paint on thick into the cracks between the bricks. Only do this in small areas each time. Then immediatly get a peice of toilet paper and wipe of heavily. This will leave the mortar gaps filled in correctly and lighten the dark bricks to there correct colour. experiment with it a little and you should find it relativly easy to master!!

some weathered brickwork i have done....

Stone work using the same method and different colours...

for rooves in slate grey use a light grey then a haf water half paint mid blue. leave to dry then wash in black and brown repeatedly. then leave to dry again and drybrush slates in an upwards motion with light grey and white. finish roof off with a very light drybrush of light brown...

Hope this helps you out....

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Remember to pick out different bricks in different shades. Also whilst we all know mortar is a light colour it doesn't always stay that way. In certain circumstances the Mortar can be almost black. As always best to work from a photo.



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Hi Guys,

Thank you ALL for the great tips and some great examples that you have posted, exactly what I was hoping for.


Glad to have been of assistance.

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