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Ive come back to model railways and have desided on a "might have been" preserved site where I can run just what I like and get away with it?

Cant work out how to add an image though, any helpers out there??

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Welcome to yet another Aussie!!

You're not alone - neither can I!!



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QUOTE (mikemasey @ 28 Apr 2007, 08:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thats just the point Goedel, I dont know!!!
Do you mean an avatar on the left?
(Go to My Controls, Change Personal Photo / Edit Avatar Settings)

Or in your signature / in a post?
(Go to My Controls / Edit Signature)

Just use tags:

{img}full web address of picture goes here{/img}
except replace {} with []

(or the button showing a picture, but you have to allow popups temporarily for the site if asked by your browser)

Does any of this help or have I misunderstood?


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Welcome Mike from another one who lives "down under" - South Australia to be precise.


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Welcome Mike
To add images you need to open a free account at an image hosting site such as Photobucket or where you can store your photos free of charge. Adding them to posts is then easy. You copy the BB code of each photo and paste it into your message. The code starts and ends with , as mentioned by Goedel, and is shown alongside your stored photos.


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Hello mike
Welcome to the forum.

adding images are easy. especially if you use photobucket because photobucket does all the work for you.
it puts the things in all the right places so you only have to copy and paste a single line to add a picture. and it will even resize them for you as well!

here is a link to my photobucket folder.
the line you need to copy is the one next to "IMG code"
just like that!

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