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I hope this works as it is first time I've tried to post photos.
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Hi guys,

Maybe it's me but I still can't see the pictures.

All I get is a small white box with a red X in it. I've tried right clicking on "Show Picture" but still nothing.

I've not had this problem with other postings.


Hi 10001,

It's not your fault. is a blocked web site here in Dubai. Something about inappropriate or un-islamic content !!!! I can access Photobucket though if you feel inclined to put your photos there as well.

Good luck with the modelling anyway,

Absolutely delightful Tony though Bloodnok would have had a seizure at the sight of all those 'Parus caeruleus caeruleus'.

All you need now is the dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler knocking Fred off his perch. Maybe you could even model the Robbery of the Hastings Flyer though that was in a blizzard so might require some drastic scenic changes.

Joking apart, your modelling is superb and the storylines bring it even more to life. Thanks for sharing your layout with us.

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Hi Tony,

Not sure what your problem is as I just received a notice to say this topic had a new post which turned out to be yours. I presume anyone else who has contributed to this topic will have received the same notice. On that basis, as far as I can tell, noone is ignoring your posts.

QUOTE (10001 @ 4 Nov 2008, 15:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>And I had to go through "" flood control"" to post that . But there didnot seem to be very many members logged in

That's weird. I just went to "view new posts" and there were 11 new posts to look at. I think you need help from someone with administrative rights. Suggest you PM one of the Regional Controllers with your problem.

Excellent work Tony. That really is a good sized space you have there and you look to be filling it admirably.

Small point on the tile strips. How about snipping a few corners off to represent broken slates ? I remember, in my earlier days of 00 modelling, using computer card punch-outs stuck on card backing to make brick walls; one brick at a time !!! Used to make batches of varying colours and then mix them up so that I got the subtle variations you see in every brick. No more computer puch cards these days though.
Excellent work Tony and best wishes for a speedy recovery. The whole layout is looking good and those buildings look absolutely superb. Where did you get the 'chad' from ??. I know NZ is a little behind the times but surely not that far !!.

Sorry to hear about the steroids/Olympics issue. Just out of interest, which event were you considering entering ??
QUOTE (dwb @ 21 Feb 2009, 15:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I seem to remember my father telling me of a UK cartoon character from the 40s named Chad - the character was similar to Kilroy in the US?

Yes Chad was a wartime character who was particularly associated with rationing. Here is a pic of him.

One of his 'sayings was "Wot no Meat" My my parents named one of their cats, who hated biscuit type food, after him for obvious reasons.
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Hi Tony,

Yes. Nurdling did occur to me as a possible event.

But others to consider might be Beer Swilling, Jellied Eel Eating (as it's in the East End of London), Wellie Throwing (gout permitting) or how about track ballasting.

Interesting that you are from Whangarei. My father was offered the job of Harbour Master there about 45 years ago but Mum vetoed it on the grounds that it was far too uncivilsed a place.
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Hi Tony and sorry to hear of your illness. My brother has just had the same problem.

Here's wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Look forward to seeing you back in action before long.
Good to see you back here Tony. That loco looks superb and has obviously been a labour of love. Well done.

Hope your recovery comes along and your locomotivation returns soon.
That's a very nicely modelled station building Tony.

I'll be interested to see how you overcome the level difference though.
Hi Guys. Sorry to butt in. Expat here.

You'll note that my comment re. Dubai censorship was almost 1½ years ago. A lot of water has passed munder the bridge since then. Now residing in China where EVERYTHING is blocked - Facebook, Youtube, Photobucket, Blogspot, Flickr etc. etc. etc. It's costing me £10 a month for a VPN link via San Francisco.

10001, if you want to see what I'm up to have a look at my new Chipping & Much Binding thread and Blog. GVR's looking good, by the way. Like the double header.
QUOTE (10001 @ 11 May 2010, 18:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Now can someone please tell me the year of manufacture of the bus and any other details of the company.

Hi 10001,

Been doing a bit of digging and found that Greenslade Tours were formed in 1912 by brothers William and Gilbert Greenslade Greenslade

The Bedford Vega was first produced in 1950.

Extract from Wikipedia.
In 1950 a range of full-fronted coach bodies named the 'Ambassador' was produced, but with the change in maximum permitted length for coaches to 30ft and the maximum width to 8ft, a series of new designs was prepared. Many were given names, such as the Roadmaster and Vega, all intended for use on specific chassis. The Roadmaster was particularly unlike anything Duple had previously produced, with its high, straight waistline and small windows. It earned the nickname 'Iron Duke' and was intended for underfloor engined chassis, hence the higher waistline. The Vega was intended for the new production model of the Bedford SB, and the bodywork featured a gentle curving waistline typical of Duple.

Hope that helps.
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Happy days indeed Tony and you have caught the atmosphere beautifully.

The new loco looks good.
Some lovely work there Tony. When did you make those locos ?
Whoa Tony. What happened ?

I've always looked forward to your GVR postings and was really looking forward to seeing it being revitalised after the big clean-up. Maybe even a few new storylines to rival the elephant droppings one. As for your recent postings showing your 1970s hand-built locos, well, I think Richard summed it all up so I didn't want seem condescending by just saying the same thing over again.

Please don't deprive us of all the Goonery.
Hey Tony.
Good to see you're still keeping an eye on proceedings.

Have there been any new developmennts on the GVR. How did Rodney & Charles react to the F1 result on Sunday ??

Incidentally, did the scouts ever get their ornithology badges for their study of that family of Parus caeruleus caeruleus ??
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QUOTE (10001 @ 17 Nov 2010, 01:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Rodney and Charles did not react very favourably at all.

I suppose the only consolation is that the car is built in Milton Keynes and Alonso didn't win the championship.

QUOTE I'm still working on some new developments on the GVR. It may have something to do with sheep and you know how New Zealanders are fond of their sheep.

That did worry me a little
but I look forward to it with eager anticipation. Just so long as there are no penguins.
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It's nice to see a touch of Summer. Everything in UK gardens is dead now.

Seeing how healthy your plants are I think I know where all those elephant droppings ended up.
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