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I hope this works as it is first time I've tried to post photos.
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Hey there Tony. Like you, I haven't posted for a while due to various reasons. I don't think I've ever posted on your thread but I should have. Your model is one of those we all aspire to. I've spent the morning looking through this thread and found it inspirational. Keep posting and I would suggest you put a link in your signature so that whenever you post a thread your layout will be able to be accessed from your signature even if you haven't updated for a while. This would help a lot of the newbies on the welcome pages to see your layout and be inspired too
I'm getting older and fartier too
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QUOTE (10001 @ 14 May 2013, 04:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thank for your kind words Alan . I think that placing a link in my signature is a good idea . The trouble is that we can't see how to do it . So, if either you ,or any one else for that matter, could show us how , we would be grateful. many thanks .


Hey there Tony, I'm sorrry I never noticed this post over a week ago or I would have helped you no bother. But I'm glad to see DT has you up and running. see you round the forum.
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I enjoyed it to, Tony. Nice to know the trains are on the move apart from the A4 of course. Happy running!

BTW Virol is a malt extract. Lovely stuff!
I think it had cod liver oil in it too!
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I had it, No thanks, My granny also used to give me a kaolin poltice. It just shows the thinking at the time any time I had a cold or such she would spread the kaolin over a piece of ripped sheet hold it up to the coal fire till it seemed like it was boiling and then slap it on my back saying "that'll make you feel better" while I was screaming. Happy days
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Hey Tony glad to see you back in the fold. BTW I was wondering why "Goon Valley" I've had a look through your thread for a reason for the name and can't find any reference. Is it by any chance a tribute to Peter Sellers/Spike Milligan and the rest.
Well there you go. I must've hit a blind spot
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You have a lovely selection of trains there.
I also noticed your covered bridge which looks very nice. Is it kit or scratchbuilt?
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Good stuff mate. Nice to hear the kid asking questions.
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Had a wee look in this morning. Love that engine! Nice to see your still keeping it going mate.
A cracking wee video mate. It got a bit dodgy about 10:51 though. Ahh scouting days!!!!!!
Sounds fun at your house, Tony!!

Btw the pics are great!
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