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I hope this works as it is first time I've tried to post photos.
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Fantastic stuff ..... part of the post-war efforts to provide sufficient nutrients to the population ... used to fight, with Bro', over who got the 2nd spoonful, on the grounds it was so viscous that the first one couldn't get it all off the spoon .....

It really built the kids up too ... that's why I am an 8 st puny grown-up now .... imagine what it might have been without Virol ..............................

PS..... I think you can still get it, if you look in the right chemists shop ....... Now, wait a minute, .... just what am I doing tomorrow .........

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Thanks to Brian Alan Simon and Julian for your comments and contributions.

Brian . I hope you got out to your shed and had a good play
. Bachmann also produced an apple-green A4 No 4482 Golden Eagle, some time ago ( I see that I bought mine in 2000 )

Duchess v Princess,
Simon I have no preference for either class. During my spotting days on the West Coast Main Line I saw all of them. We often cabbed them at Rugby also ,so it is only natural that both classes would be favourites .Perhaps over a quarter of expresses on the WCML would have been hauled by Pacifics in those days, so it did not take long to underline most them in our ABCs One or two were not seen as often as most. The Scottish Duchesses were just so and 6233 Duchess of Sutherland was the last cop I made. The Princesses were easier, with all but two being shedded at Crewe, but 6212 Duchess of Kent was the illusive one for me. It has taken me much longer to acquire models of them than to spot them, with one Princess and 5 Duchesses still to go before I can say "full house".

Re Derailing. Simon I have had no ill effects due to removing the front coupling. Check that the Pivot arm is OK and hasn't got bent whilst removing the coupling.
A spot of oil may be the remedy ( but I know you would have checked that !!!) I have come across the bogie and/or pivot aim getting twisted so that the front wheels do a good impersonation of a praying mantis or a boxing kangaroo.

Virol --- Thanks to Alan and Julian for the details and to Simon for asking the questions. These advertising signs were to be found on railway walls and fencing everywhere .I remember that they also had a slogan just below "VIROL". Some of these were "For health and vitality" "School children need it" "Food for health"
" For tired husbands" " Expectant mothers need it", "Anaemic girls need it".
An advert I saw in "Punch" magazine was dated October 1948. But I expect it had been around for much longer than that as I found a picture of a white jar which had contained Virol Bone Marrow Priced at 2/6 for a large jar. The jar looked decidedly Victorian.
Ingredients were Malt , Bone Marrow ,Animal Fat , Eggs, Sugar , Orange Juice.
Any takers ???
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I had it, No thanks, My granny also used to give me a kaolin poltice. It just shows the thinking at the time any time I had a cold or such she would spread the kaolin over a piece of ripped sheet hold it up to the coal fire till it seemed like it was boiling and then slap it on my back saying "that'll make you feel better" while I was screaming. Happy days
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Just off to Timothy Whites to get some, and a tube of wintergreen ointment. I wonder what I will come back with. A bottle of coke with my name on and some nurofen no doubt.
QUOTE (cvr1865 @ 31 May 2013, 12:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>. I wonder what I will come back with. A bottle of coke with my name on

Some nice pictures been added recently. I do like that main station.
There is a newish feature on RM web that allows you to tick some choices such as like,agree, informative, good craftsmanship. When I look at your thread I so want that here. Because you can add this to a single post regardless of how old it is. There is so much of your original thread that I like and never saw at the time, and would have posted 'like' 'like' 'like' .
Are you sure your layout isn't ready for a 'Alright Mr Demille I'm ready for my close-up' moment
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QUOTE (Jaz @ 19 Jun 2013, 12:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>There is a newish feature on RM web that allows you to tick some choices such as like,agree, informative, good craftsmanship. When I look at your thread I so want that here. Because you can add this to a single post regardless of how old it is. There is so much of your original thread that I like and never saw at the time, and would have posted 'like' 'like' 'like' .
Are you sure your layout isn't ready for a 'Alright Mr Demille I'm ready for my close-up' moment

Oh and what a sight that would be.

"nurse the screens he's out of bed again." "ArGGGGHHhhhh!!!".

I thank you.
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Hi Tony, whilst looking back through the pages of the GVR layout history, I saw a couple of shots that showed you have a LMS Garratt, can you tell me a bit more about it?
Is it a White metal kit or a motorised Kitmaster plastic kit? , how does it perform? What sort of radius curves does the GVR have, and how does the Garratt cope?
I really like these powerful looking loco's and am considering looking out for one in the near future ....

best regards

Good Morning from the "winterless " sunny but chilly Far-north of New Zealand. Thanks to Jaz, Alan, Joe, Brian and Simon for your replies.
Jaz I am sure I never saw "Sunset Boulevard", - I had a very sheltered up-bringing.
So I'm not sure what to make of your comment but thanks anyway and thanks for your previous kind words.
Simon " curtains nurse etc " has become a catch - phrase at our place .

Here are a couple of pictures looking along High Street in the Village of Bluebottle ( where the bluebells grow )

A pair of boats awaiting to enter Lock No 8 at Ellington . The motor is named Anthony and the butty Cleopatra.-- Honest !

Woodcock wouldnot budge last time but a clean ,a spot of oil and adding a pair of neodymium magnets has made a world of difference .

Golden Eagle Shown for Brian ( Mercator II ) is Bachmann cataloge No 31-956 . The different shades of green is very noticeable.A further variant of green A4s had the front smokebox painted black reaching back to the first boiler band.This was not a popular choice and did not last long. I have never seen it modelled.

The first step in modifying Duchess of Sutherland to a "de-frocked" City was to source a correct tender. Now all that is required is a re-name a re-paint and new number!!!. Behind the loco can be seen Ellington freight yard and shed, all still to be modelled . The two Beyer-Garratts (shown below)are in the distance.

Joe we took a couple of pics of the Garratts in Ellington yard which needs a lot of work doing to it. With some more effort I'll try to get it more suitable for pics . The light there is better than elsewhere so it might become a favourite spot for pictures.
Both these models are made up Rosebud Kitmaster kits, built a long time ago. Neither of them are motorised.but I have a pair of chassis frames, a set of Romford wheels and all the valve gear as I did intend to motorise one of them , but I will now wait for the Heljan RTR one which I have on order ( December delivery ????)
The first one ( No 7971) was built without any modifications but No 7999 was made with the original fixed coal bunker( straight sided)and the leading water tank was made into the smaller one as the original.
It did not worry me having two non-working locos as they look good as fillers and at a price then of 11/6 ( 57p in play-money) there was no quibble about the cost !!!! Eventually these were joined by more non-working engines.

Whilst we were at it we experimented a bit by producing the two pics in Black and White, I hope that I've given you enough info there Joe If not please ask.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to the Goon Valley and have seen something to interest you.
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Hi Tony,
the same in our house I am afraid, I shall say no more.

A goods yard, well very good to see. Do I spy a B12 in the background there, and an A3 a disease-al as well...?
A whole new section to the GVR that we had not seen before and very nice too.

Looking forward to seeing the progress on the Duchess and her transformation.

Is Woodcock a tender drive Hornby? Glad to hear about success with the Neo magnets I have them planned for my HST fleet when I am in a position for some running again. Have you noticed any improvement in performance at all or just the fact that she moves now?

Lovely Bachmann A4, they are a pretty penny now I can tell you.

Thanks for the update and lovely look into your world. Do keep them coming, you probably have enough info for your own website now although that would be a rather solitary existance, you are better off on MRF to be sure.
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Good afternoon Tony,

Firstly I must apologise for not being up to date with your threat - It's great to see you're back posting again.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my "ramble" through the GVR. The layout is stunning - I had forgotten how brilliant it is. I adore the canal and village scenes in particular.

Are you going to try and recreate the "Great Gathering" with all those A4s??
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Thanks Ian and Simon.
Simon, Woodcock is a Hornby- Dublo engine ,hence the neo magnets. When fitted there was an immediate improvement in power especially hauling a train uphill. I don't think i would like a website.I don't think I could handle one!!!

There are a couple of B12s lurking in the yard . The A3 is "Blink Bonny". I often use the sidings to hide/hold naughty locos.

Ian. Many thanks for your generous comments -- all very much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed your ramble. I've no plans to recreate the "Great Gathering" just yet , one reason is I don't have a " Sir Nigel", but still working on it

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Hi . There has not been a lot of activity down the Goon Valley way recently. I have started to clean up the area where the Ellington freight yard is planned also a start has been made on the Ellington locomotive depot ( Engine shed ).

So to keep the G V R up and running here are a few pictures which I hope you will like .

Firstly two crimson beauties recently purchased, await departure at Eccles Station .. LMS Jubilee 5690 Leander pilots Parallel boiler Royal Scot no 6127 Old Contemptibles . As both these locos are already running on the G V R ( ie duplicates ) there seems to be a renaming due shortly

Hornby- Dublo A4 Woodcock pounds up the final climb to the Min Tor Summit ( 1 in 50/60) . I hope no one in the Earl's Shooting party takes a potshot at her.

City of Edinburgh crosses the Goon River Girder bridge before reaching Eccles Junction Station

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Thanks for the update Tony - C of E looks very nice in blue - not many (IMO) steam locomotives look good in blue, but this one certainly does.
Hi Tony,

Just been catching up on the GVR after my prolonged absense. It seems things have certainly moved on with many additions and modifications having taken place. That scratch-built crane, in particular, is a brilliant piece of modelling and your loco fleet just gets better and better.
Hi Brian and Trevor . thank you both for your posts .

Brian . I am sure that because my main train "spotting " period was between 1945 and 1952 this is the reason why I like blue engines . This period saw the beginning of the resurgence of the railways after the neglect and hard work during the war years .To us lads the experimental liveries and the signs that railway stock was being cared for again was exciting, Indeed it was "peace -time " also , even if austerity conditions still prevailed. With rumours of the forthcoming Locomotive exchanges these days were very memorable. I have to get a few more blue or green engines to recreate this period completely but I'm getting there .
I would like to collect the three green "black " fives!!!! Perhaps the Hornby Railroad Mickys will come in handy.

Trevor . Thank you for your comments . I am really pleased to see you up and about again I hope all goes well for you
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I thought I would post a few pictures of green engines .Not GWR but British railways green. I hope you all like them.

The first shows ex LNER A3 60051 Blink Bonny heading the Down Goonshire Pullman

Ex LMS 4-6-0 Jubilee no 45691 Orion double heading a rebuilt Royal Scot at Eccles Junction,

Here they are again This time I can identify the Scot as being 46159 The Royal Airforce.

Britannia class 70054 Dornoch Firth On the rescheduled Thames Clyde Express exits the Bluebottle tunnel

Hornby Railroad Patriot running light engine under the birdcage. I can see a lot of these locomotives being used for modifications , it is a quiet smooth runner and so far it has been hauling 8-coach trains on the G V R with ease.

Duchess 46244 King George V1 Heading the Up Caledonian.

Rebuilt Merchant Navy class 35021 New Zealand Line hauling The Bournemouth Belle approaches Eccles and passes sister engine 35012 United States Lines.

To keep sweet with any G W R fans reading this here is 0-4-2 T No 1466 running round its goods train at Greenslade , whilst those two stalwarts Rodney and Charles raise the flag in honour of the England cricketer's magnificent Ashes win.

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There's a strong west Yorkshire flavour to that train selection Tony - I like it

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