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I hope this works as it is first time I've tried to post photos.
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Thank you , David.

Just a short update from the GVR.

In an attempt to complete a multitude of unfinished projects I have started to clear a way for the Ellington freight yard and loco shed This area was previously my soldering "station" This has led to the inevitable problem of now not being able to find anything. A spot has been chosen for a Peco turntable but I fear there might be a baseboard crossmember lurking in the way.
I started to remove a curved "duck-under"and replace it with a lift-out section but this got too difficult for me so I replaced it . I did manage to make the duck-under a lot narrower and this has made it a lot easier for us to negotiate. No more skidding on my nose on the laundry floor

A few kits have been made up , and a further effort will be made to complete some kits that have been hanging around for far too long.

So here are a few photos .
First up is a new engine recently run-in. Bachmann D11 62663 Prince Albert hauling a Bachmann L N E R Non corridor teak coach.

Parallel boilered Royal Scot No 6127 Old Contemptibles is heading an eight coach train of Dapol Kits which I have made recently.
This ancient Mainline loco is still on active service .

Thanks for looking in .
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A couple of nice looking locos there Tony. They don't make 'em like that anymore. The image of you sliding along the floor on your nose did make me a chuckle though.

Looking forward to seeing your new freight yard and loco shed.
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Thanks for the update Tony.
I hope you have success with the T/T, I wish I had space for one on my layout.
Keep us posted on the rebuild of the ' solder station' into the new freight yard and loco shed area.
A belated thank you to Trevor and Joe for your replies .

Trevor I knew I could count on you handing out a lot of sympathy. Skidding on my nose was not very painful, just my pride that got dented that's all . The worst part was that I could not get up, and had to wait for "Her indoors" to come by to help me onto my feet.

Joe thanks for your encouragement. I'll certainly keep you all posted with up-dates of my progress , but don't expect anything faster than snail's pace.

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Hi Tony,
How could a visit to the forum not include a look in at the GVR. Much has happened in the last few months.

As ever you have provided some lovely shots and I shall continue to model vicariously through your efforts and on your railway, if you don't mind of course. I should like a comfy seat in the grass just above the tunnel so that I can catch a faceful as they thunder out and a good view over the pervailing aspect.

Thanks again for sharing all this and I look forward to more as and when it comes along.

An update from the GVR and a belated thankyou to Simon for your last message. You should know by now that there will always be a welcome for you down the Goon Valley, and that also goes for any other visitors. Would you like me to send you a "track-side " pass?????
If you wish to sit by the Bluebottle Tunnel ( where the bluebells grow ), just keep your eyes off the posh house garden behind you ---you might end up with a stiff neck.

I've been stricken down with the dreaded gout again so not much modelling is apparent . Also our hot and dry late Spring didnot help( except in the garden) as most spare time , foot permitting , had to be spent weeding and watering, and that means no photos this time.
I have continued in a small way on the various projects, Mods, Goods yard at Ellington, some stock,and a couple of purchases ( photos next time ). The last one , Sugar Palm ,was this years birthday pressy and arrived a couple of days early, so it has been carefully run-in and it's proved to be an excellent runner and it looks as good as it should.
The gout has almost gone now, mainly due to the crash course of Steroids prescribed - another chance to take part in the Commonwealth Games has gone down the gurgler as I have taken a banned substance !!!!.
I shall expect at least a string or two of buntings / balloons ( at least a Mexican Wave ) on the Forum tomorrow to help celebrate the glorious 3rd.

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Sorry to hear of your health problems Tony but glad to hear that you're on the mend now.

Not sure what's happening tomorrow other than the World premier of The Hobbit: (The Desolation of Smaug) but have one of these anyway.
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Thanks for the waves , Guys.

After my post about the weather,my Birthday dawned with a drizzly ,rainy, day with a much needed precipitation to quench the plantings and gave the weeds more incentive to multiply. So my day was spent indoors- playing trains etc with some photography ( c/o my luvly camera person).

Firstly was my Birthday present , ( from myself , of course), Bachmann 4-6-2 A2 No 526 Sugar Palm, and as I earlier remarked , a beautiful locomotive , is seen here at the head of a train of Thompson coaches

Also new is this Hornby Class 101 DMU Exiting the Bluebottle tunnel

Having arrived at Platform 2 at Eccles Junction the DMU is joined by Hornby 4-6-0 B12.

B12 61565

The next two pics show Bachmann ex -Midland Railway 4F No 3851 0-6-0 leaving Eccles Junction on a short pick-up goods.

I hope you like this action from the Goon Valley Railway. Thanks for visiting .
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Aaah. Now I Understand. A belated Happy Birthday to you Tony.
That's a great age.

That A2's a real beauty. Almost makes me want to model LNER. Almost, but not quite.
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Hi Tony,
What an update. Glad to hear you are feeling better, you still have time to prepare for the Olympics as a fall back. Sugar palm does look good in the full LNER green as do most of the Doncaster Pacifics.

Do keep them coming I await each update with glee.

Thank you
Hey Tony glad to see you back in the fold. BTW I was wondering why "Goon Valley" I've had a look through your thread for a reason for the name and can't find any reference. Is it by any chance a tribute to Peter Sellers/Spike Milligan and the rest.
QUOTE (Alan D @ 6 Dec 2013, 13:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>..."Goon Valley" I've had a look through your thread for a reason for the name and can't find any reference. Is it by any chance a tribute to Peter Sellers/Spike Milligan and the rest...
Take a look towards the bottom of post #4 View it here... all will be revealed
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Hello Tony
A belated Happy Birthday to you, I do envy you with your remarkable collection of Locos so keep the photos coming.
Regards Mike
Well there you go. I must've hit a blind spot
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Hello and thanks to Mike, Simon , Ian , Alan , ( glad the penny dropped ) Kristopher , Trevor , and Brian.

All comments and contributions are appreciated.
Best wishes
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Happy to see you got the pictures working. Model trains look even better in photos than in real life I reckon. I like your scenery and the rebuilt Emily
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Thanks Ken .
I'm ashamed to say that the conversion of the Bachmann Emily to a more believable Stirling Single has still not been completed.
Perhaps I'll be tempted to make a list of jobs to be done as New Year's Resolutions

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