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I hope this works as it is first time I've tried to post photos.
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That made me chuckle!

Keep up the good work...

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I think you need to go into the movies Tony with that chainsaw.
"The Goon Valley Railway Massacre"

Love those pictures.
I'm fortunate my partner loves railways as well.
Its great to have support from the Household Authorities.
Very nice Tony,
I beat with the chain saw by 12 years I put on my Wuzel Junction layout, as it was the quickest method of taking down the extensive bench work.
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I'm surrounded by serial wreckers.
My layout room is a chainsaw free zone.
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Thanks David, Tony and MMD for your contributions. All gratefully received.

Hi Tony,

Unfortunately I missed your September post (my so-called Smartphone keeps diverting MRF posts into the Bulk Mail folder and then dumps them) but having now caught up on your recent activities I enjoyed seeing a few more of your locos and your attack on the GVR with bolt cutters and chain saw really made me laugh.

Also glad to hear that your vision has now been fixed so I look forward to your further updates on the lift-out section. Great work as usual.
I feel terribly guilty but my wife and I stayed at a B&B last weekend with a proprietor whose surname was Eccles. Not uncommon but the night before I had read your bolt cutting experiment and I started to smirk when I heard his name.
I still have the bruises in the ribs from the elbow of SWMBO
Hi Maz. Thanks for posting .I hope the bruises have cleared up.

Re the place names on the GVR . When I started into this wonderful hobby of ours there was long debate as to where the model was going to be "situated" . "Somewhere in Britain" seemed the obvious choice seeing how I was born and raised there ,and a fictitious location seemed logical. But where ? As we were living in Central Africa and were great fans of British comedy and humour from the BBC especially the Goon Show the die was cast.When I looked into it more closely , place names of those Goonish characters seemed more possible ,with ,in some cases ,reality and realty.
So Eccles, means church - plenty of them throughout Britain.( also Eccleston )
Seacombe, one in Merseyside or there abouts
Ellington. sounds OK I'm sure I've come across at least one.
Greenslade surname of Wallace and others, it could easily be a placename
Min Tor of Min and Henry fame . As the highest "peak" in Goonshire, it sounds authentic enough. I did consider spelling it Myn Tor at one time.
Bluebottle( Where the bluebells grow) .A hamlet in Northamptonshire named Nobottle.( where the Bluebells grow also) near to where I lived.
Bottedebleu. ( where the clochettes grow ) Twinned with Bluebottle.

I hope you are all enlightened.

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Thanks for your reply Trevor. Some progress has been made to the alterations at Eccles Station, the 'duck under " is no more.
I managed to make the liftout section without the use of the chainsaw.Old habits die hard though, I still bend my back to get into my model room even though there is a wide open gap to walk through .

I have relayed the points and track at the north end of Eccles , now I've got to repeat the exercise at the south end.
We are getting there .

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The alterations to the GVR are coming along - but very slowly. The track work at both ends of Eccles station has now been completed but I am still dithering over the wiring on the lift-out section.Hopefully there will be some pictures next time .

Just a short video from the Goon Valley Railway, that even though major track works are being carried out, we can still operate on the 2 upper levels.

So without further ado and with best wishes for a smashing Christmas and New Year to all our members and guests, here's a titillation for the festive season

Most entertaining Tony

Happy Christmas to you and the camera operator.

Best Wishes

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Merry Christmas to you Tony.

It's great to see that the GVR is still managing to run despite the ongoing new works. That's more than the railways here seem to be capable of.

Didn't see the Santa Special though Tony. Did it run this year ?

All the best for 2016.
Well Trevor I admit I forgot to run the Santa Specials.

In years gone by I have Blu-tacked the train headboards to the bridge near Eccles Station . This year the bridge got demolished along with the Eccles station buildings whilst the alterations have been carried out. They were put away in a safe space for future re-use along with the Santa Special train headboards. After your reminder Fred Phlange and his team of sniffer dogs were deployed to find the headboards. This was not entirely successful as the dogs kept biting Bluebottle's trousers.Needless to say he didn't like that rotten game.
Eventually the headboards were located in the Ellington engine shed and a couple of trains were pressed into service to run the Santa Specials, all be it a day late.
So here are a few snaps taken by my intrepid camera person to record the Boxing Day specials.

Thanks for looking in and wishing everyone a Happy New Year.
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Hi there Simon. I saw you lurking on here a couple of days ago.It's good to see you around but don't you think it's about time you told us what you've been up to down the Colne Valley. Best wishes for the festive season

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Thanks for running the Santa Specials Tony. It's something I've come to look forward to seeing every year.

Hope you had a good Christmas and that 2016 will be kind to you.
Hi Tony, that's right I have finally been released back into the care of the community the railway modelling community that is. Update posted on white colne, I am sure I don't what you mean 14 months is not that long really, is it.... Oh it is.

Haha. Happy 2016 modelling year to one and all.

Thanks Simon.Good to see you on here again.Seasons best wishes to you .Now I'm off to White Colne , I've got my season ticket.!!!
Lurk ye not.
I have heard so often about 'whinging Poms' since living here for almost 50 years. I have also often heard of 'Whinging Kiwis and even Whinging Ozzies', but really - what do we have to whinge about?

Yesterday my wife's friend brought around a young lad to see my models. This lad is 10 years old and has cerebral palsy.
He has no verbal - so cannot speak and he cannot walk or even stand. He does know a few signs like thumbs up for something he likes and a head shake for 'no'.
It makes one realise just how lucky we are - and the saying - 'There but for the grace of God go I.' often comes to mind.

We had no idea how much he could understand but his beautiful smile was reward enough.

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