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West country front bogie wheels.

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My grandson recently got a Hornby train set as a gift & im affraid to say he has not had a intrest in it & the loco has been given to me. The front bogie wheels are missing due to miss use & i would like to know where i can buy some replacement wheels & axels as it is a nice loco & would be a shame to see it go into the bin. Do Hornby actually sell spares direct or do i have to elsewhere for spare parts?

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Try Model Trains 4 U. The item in this link may be the one you want.
Good morning,
You don't give any details as to the age of your grandson and his lack of interest in railways may be due to something as simple as the choice of engine. Even I, at 55, would show scant interest in a steam loco, simply because I don't remember them in everyday service, and something more in keeping with what he sees around him might be a better start (Voyagers, HSTs, 60s etc) or, if very young, maybe the Hornby Thomas series as seen on tv. On the other hand it could be that he simply has no interest in trains but if so why buy a train set to begin with?
Anyway, I have always found the Hornby factory at Margate to be very friendly and helpful, and I suggest you contact them for a list of Service Dealers. Their E-mail address is [email protected] and I'm sure they would be happy to help.
Don't forget the educational side of the hobby when it comes to your grandson. It teaches woodworking (building the baseboard), electrics, artistry (scenic work etc) and history of our transport system to name just a few positives. If he is young enough it can also help with maths (if that train has 10 wagons and 5 are shunted off how many are left? for example). It also helps to build bridges between the generations with a common shared interest, which he may develop in time.
Good luck, and a happy 2009,
Greg H.
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Apart from Hornby direct you could try East Kent Models at Whitstable on 01227 770777.

Hope this helps.
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