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Western Promise

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I bought am old Hornby R352 Western Courier yesterday along with the usual Hornby DCC chip. On testing in DC the loco ran rought so I gave it a thorough cleaning and service. Testing again in DC it ran much smoother.

I then fitted the Hornby DCC chip in the usual way and removed the DC capacitor or resistor. Running in DCC with a Hornby Select controller the loco ran smooth in both directions (but quite slow).

The problem I have is that it is very slow, the top speed peaking after around only 1/3 of the speed dial rotation. I looked at the loco again but can't find anything wrong.

Does anyone have any ideas? as I have chipped 9 other old Lima / Hornby locos in the same way and have not had this problem before.
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The Loco's are OO - Nothing wrong with the excellent M1, but its not necessary to use a micro in the cans, so use the TCS T-1 which is the same software and performance as the M1 with higher power handling - and much lower price as well!

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