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What controller for G scale

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I'm moving into G scale and I'm not sure whether to go DCC or DC. Has anyone got any advice or recommendations?

Also what controllers what you recommend.

Do I need a 10 amp controller?

I am an experienced model railway builder in n and OO but G, not entirely sure

Any advice
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I think the answer is not as simple as you might think as it may depend on what locos you are going to use eg live steam and if you want radio control!

You might find this site of interest Link if you haven't been there before.

Hi Hugh

No plans for live steam or radio control. It will be electrified. Locos we'll piko lgb or usa trains.

It will be a simple around the garden line with a passing loop.

I have run an LGB sound fitted loco with a mono ECoS which has a 4 amp booster.

The programming track did not like it - way too much current required. That was a couple of years ago and things have moved on since then.

Hello Steve,

There is a very simple but very adequate transistor controller here:

The output transistor is MJE3055 which will take 10 Amps if that's not enough use 2N3055 which will take 15 Amps. It can be made without a circuit board just wired point to point. The bits are available from:

The power transisor is best mounted on a 4" square piece of alloy or a heatsink from CE.

Regards - Jim

Ohh and if you would like a PDF with what the stuff looks like I'll gladly send you the one I did
I just know of two options With 8A and that is first: Uhlenbrock 63280 8 Power Booster. This will need a Controller Connected as it is only a booster.
Digitrax allso provide an 8 Amp booster but you might need to use a digitrax Controller for it to work?
Cheers JC
Even though it is just a "simple loop with passing track" you might consider organising battery power which removes the hazards of track cleaning in the outdoors and if you have the tools and knowledge you could consider steel track for less expense 10x3mm in wooden sleepers, rather like Model Engineering Clubs organize their track. I welded the two rails together and once fitted in place I ground out the connecting steel for electrical drive but wouldn't do that these days. If you search back on this subject you will find mention of a simple 2.4Ghz radio control system made in the UK.
edit ... though I cannot find it but somebody may be able to tell you about it.
*** If its going to be only a couple of locos running at once, DCC at 5 amps will be more than enough. It is much more important to avoid voltage drop as that is when current use may climb.

Use a slightly higher track voltage and a good substantial power bus so that voltage drop isn't such an issue.

I would suggest an appx 19~21 volt DC laptop power supply (quite safe with most 5 amp DCC systems, but ask specifically brand by brand if you are not sure).


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