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What did you do/receive on Christmas Day ?

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Sitting here on Boxing Day morning a lttle bored I wondered what everyone else did yesterday (I know I was sad looking at the various groups/forums - but I was not the only one !).

Many must have had new "toys" to "play" with - my wish was the Brawa BR06 or a 66 (Meharno HO) with sound, but my lovely lady said "you need another locomotive like I need another pair of shoes" so that was that.

So, desperatly trying avoid the kitchen & to find something to occupy myself with I had a wander round outside & found my drains had blocked - on Christmas day of all days ! One hour later cleared (I suppose having a 1 : 1 scale fully operational fire engine does come in useful !). Must have saved a few bob though ! Can anyone better that ?

Apart from that, a pleasant day, superb meal with the family (the "kids" are 23 & 27) time together & only a short time with the trains & a neighbour have me a complete mint condition Hornby "Sir Nigel Gresely" & 3 teak coaches that he wanted to go to a good home. (Pity I model in HO !).

I hope everyone had a good Chrismas & wish everyone the very, very best for 2007.
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Bachmann Royal Scot
Bachmann 9F
Die cast Metal Model car kit (Seems to have brought the inner 6 year old out).
A razor
A neat screwdriver set
Lots of sweeties
A Nice 8-in-1 multi tool
and a game (Splinter Cell: Double Agent)

I Bought my Dad

A Dapol 14xx (N Gauge) Lovely runner, So quiet too.
and a Dapol Autocoach (N gauge)
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I was given (self chosen!) single chimney early crest _very_ black, in fact so black I think it makes Darth Vader look rather grey!, Bachmann 9F. This has now had the recommended one hour forwards and one hour reverse running in and a Kadee fitted to the tender - it just needed some 10 thou plasticard to remove the "slop" in the coupler pocket. The coupler mechanism bears remarkable resemblance to the one on the tender of my Hornby A4.

I also received 3 Bachmann Mk1 coaches in crimson & cream, all with Eastern region running numbers. I hitched those up to my V2 so they ran one circuit whilst the 9F pounded around the other pulling the 10 Parkside kits I have made over the last couple of months.

One surprise was a book - "The Train, a history in photographs". I've only dipped into this so far; there is a wide range of photos, such as a broad gauge train passing under the bridge at Teignmouth. I'm not entirely sure about the text yet. One caption I've read has a typo and another is just plain wrong - unless my geography is completely up the creek, the bridge at Conwy does not connect Anglesey to the mainland. The photos cover the globe, there is a picture of "The Ghan" train that Neil has mentioned in a previous thread.

All my offspring were home for a Christmas break from their studies. I came close to winning Cluedo once or twice but didn't get the roll of the die.

Thankfully there were no domestic emergencies, just some gentle "steam management" in persuading a slightly aged pressure cooker to do its business on a traditional home made Christmas pudding.

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The 9F is lovely isnt it? I got mine to run with all my stock and she pulled it without any noticeable slip, and much to my surprise my little Pannier pulled the same train abiet with wheelslip.

has anyone noticed the 9F is very sensitive to bad joints on curves? I spent about 30 mins straightening my curves on my (still) floorbased layout.

- Jeorge
>The 9F is lovely isnt it?

>has anyone noticed the 9F is very sensitive to bad joints on curves?
Can't help on this one. I've only run it on two foot radius+ curves, half of which are Peco code 75, so no problems. Part of the "running in" circuit has a code 75 Electrofrog double slip except that I haven't wired up the centre angle yet, so there's a dead section about 1.5 inches long on one side. The 9F didn't miss a beat even at a reasonably low speed.

>re pulling power.
I will be trying the "ultimate" test later when I hook up my CMX clean machine. My other locos all struggle; the A4 copes the best but there can still be a lot of wheel slip.

If you are modeling BR steam, you could do a lot worse than get one these Bachmann 9Fs.

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The Bachmann 108 for me but it's the early evening here now and I still haven't had a chance to see it running. The 9F is next on my list.
five arriva mk 2 livery coaches.

Loco hauled passenger trains will never be withdrawn from my layout!
I got a J15 kit and a totam from hunstanton not a modal but i do collect the real stuff two
To be honest you really don't want to hear about my christmas, lets just say we overdosed on the in laws.

I didn't get anything, well nothing wrapped up. It was all cash which will contribute to a big order I will be getting from Modelbahn Kramm. I have a couple of The Railways of Scotland DVD's still in the post from the UK which didn't arrive in time.
Was stunned to receive a Hornby J83 [weathered]
Runs beautifully but frequently stalls on points. Plus the Superquick Station Master's Cottage kit.
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Bachmann 108 in green, Bachmann collectors' set PO wagons, Hornby Seacows & a Scaledale footbridge. And a book on the Ely to Norwich railway! All good stuff and it took my mind off having a virus that's going around these parts (or "man-flu", as my wife calls it).
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