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What do you run
Type of power
Graham Farish1026.32%
Micro Ace25.26%
Micro Trains12.63%
BR Green624.00%
BR Blue14.00%
German Epoch 114.00%
US NS00.00%
US UP14.00%
US C & O14.00%
US SP14.00%
US PRR14.00%
US N & W14.00%
US BNSF14.00%
US CSX14.00%
Bachmann Era 100.00%
Bachmann Era 214.76%
Bachmann Era 314.76%
Bachmann Era 414.76%
Bachmann Era 529.52%
Bachmann Era 600.00%
Bachmann Era 700.00%
Bachmann Era 814.76%
Bachmann Era 929.52%
Continental Epoch 114.76%
Continental Epoch 214.76%
Continental Epoch 300.00%
Continental Epoch 400.00%
Continental Epoch 500.00%
Elsewhere >192000.00%

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We already have a poll for steam in the OO section and yes i did indeed vote on it and leave my figures for my N gauge stock by mistake but as it was a fun poll the figures wouldnt be taken too seriously as has been said by other N gauge modellers maybe we could outnumber the OO guys

With this in mind this post should serve the N gauge amongst us to share what we all run as i cannot set up a similar poll of course, so tell everyone what you run and why DC/DCC
diesel or steam to start off heres a smattering of my runners

Classes 04, 08 ,37,40,52 55, 66, in diesel several of the 08's to have thier own shunting yard soon, all farish converted to DCC with two class 66 from Kato,

Steam is covered by A4's 45XX, duchess class, 9F's again Farish converted the 9F's from Minitrix.

My American fleet covers several companies mainly U.P. of course Southern Pacific Norfolk & Western and Pennsylvania, SD45'/60'S run with the big E6/8/9 passenger locos,several types of shunters mostly Kato all DCC.

The aim of my hobby is to have two layouts one British the other an American intermodal, i run what i like regardless of era and type whatever brings me pleasure.

Editors note, have used Bachmann system for UK.

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A real mixed bag of locos run and why not,as i said in my opening post run what you like though a prototypical approach is not out of the question of course and has to be admired, i intend to run the American stock along with the British though the bigger locos wont take to some of the curves as well as some of the British ...... as i cant let the Americans lie idle in the box, though the scenery needs looking at to make in generic and fit in with both types .
A mine on the upper level would be nice i have built up here from a walthers kit but it doesnt really fit in with the steamers.


I looked at your gallery and the idea of a model of the model is excellent and will show any faults and issues before laying track, think its going to be make up of a scale intermodal terminal before i start my winter project of it.

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Decided today to sell off my class 66 locos along with a class 20 and 55 in DCC with lights as they dont fit in with my plans now though the EWS wagons will go with class 37's just as happily

Some of the older American locos need to move as well as they are not worth chipping better options being available.

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QUOTE (Billy Rivers @ 22 Sep 2008, 11:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi guys

1. I am trying to convert all my stock to DCC but not fully confident with the quality of N decoders.

2. I seem to spend more time trying to solve problems than running the trains.

Billy R

Hi Billy,

1. N gauge decoders are reliable but in a smaller form of course if its installed correctly no matter if its N/OO it will give you satifactory performance.

2. What problems are you having as i know we will all help you no matter how small or large the fix, but for the help of members here i wouldnt
have had the confidence to install decoders.

Tell us your concerns and issues .

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Hi Billy R,
I have used the 125 decoder but find TCS M1 decoders ideal for N gauge minimally larger in width and height they are a flatter decoder the components on the digitrax sticking up a little compared.
What reading do you get for the manufacturer on your programme track i had the same problem and got 255 as a reading for the manufacturer this is a bad reading and can mean there is a contact problem somewhere/ track or wheels need cleaning or the contacts from the bogies arent touching the chassis, after a clean of the wheels on mine it righted itself and now runs fine.

The DZ 125 IN was fitted to all 4 of my class 37 locos initially i couldnt get them to work but after reversing the way the chip is inserted they work fine, as to 'butchering' the chassis of split frame Farish locos the easiest and quickest way is to use a nibbling tool usually associated with cutting out holes for car radio's.
Four snips and you have removed the thinner metal where the brushes sit in DC , very quick and easy tip saving clean up after filing.

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The locos are superb my favorite being the snow blower think i may have to take a look at that one more closely

A recent addition to my locos is the Micro Ace ED79 Cargo E-lok a superb little loco with lots of detail directional lighting which can be switched off via a miniature switch on the underside,and working pantographs in N scale all for £25.00 plus carriage from Hong Kong a bargain in anybodys book, converting it to DCC was easy ..... removal of the traction tyres for contact doesnt seem to make any difference in its performance installation of microtrains gives it a better look over the supplied rapido type coupling.

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