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I model the contemporary scene set in North West England. I have Farish 60s and 66s plus a 47 now relegated to the track cleaning train, and for passenger use a 170 and 158 awaiting fitting of lights and re-livery in something appropriate to the region, plus a Dapol Voyager that has never worked properly. I plan to buy some Dapol 156 and Farish 150 when they appear in suitable liveries. I intend to form a couple of charter trains using the new Dapol class 67 or maybe a 57 or new 47 - perhaps even a Black 5 on a steam special. If suitable 25kV EMU stock appears RTR or as kits them I may 'electrify' part of the layout.

I use DCC because I believe it simplifies the wiring and operating when building a new layout, and because it allows authentic on-train lighting. I also intend to install computerised signalling eventually. All my trains have or will have headlights and independent tail lights, including my freight rakes where I have installed decoders with flashing red tail lights. I'd like interior lighting in the passenger trains but the Farish DMUs fill one coach with a solid metal chassis.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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