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What do you run ? Diesel or steam

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What do you run
Type of power
Graham Farish1026.32%
Micro Ace25.26%
Micro Trains12.63%
BR Green624.00%
BR Blue14.00%
German Epoch 114.00%
US NS00.00%
US UP14.00%
US C & O14.00%
US SP14.00%
US PRR14.00%
US N & W14.00%
US BNSF14.00%
US CSX14.00%
Bachmann Era 100.00%
Bachmann Era 214.76%
Bachmann Era 314.76%
Bachmann Era 414.76%
Bachmann Era 529.52%
Bachmann Era 600.00%
Bachmann Era 700.00%
Bachmann Era 814.76%
Bachmann Era 929.52%
Continental Epoch 114.76%
Continental Epoch 214.76%
Continental Epoch 300.00%
Continental Epoch 400.00%
Continental Epoch 500.00%
Elsewhere >192000.00%
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Looking to build a N Gauge S&DJR - and LMS for post 1930 and GWR layout shortly , so have been collecting suitable Steam Locos , coaches and wagons ,

so have a fowler 4F, 2P, jinty and jubilee - all Farish
4 new staniers, and 4 57`subs.

a GWR 61, 57, and Hall again farish , one 45 dapol
3 collett coaches - last ones in hattons - must get some more when released
and some older gf gwr coaches , a number of box vans from N gauge society , also dapol brown vans
built some peco 7 planks , and applied selected transfers correct for somerset and dorset area from Robbies rolling Stock
some containers again peco + transfers

also gained two class 73`s , some 2nd hand Mk 1`s and wagons just for a change - I enjoy Ebay !
QUOTE (mickelmass @ 1 Jan 2009, 16:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Those Japanese models look absolutely excellent!!!!
I had toyed with the idea of changing over to Japanese railways a year or so ago, now there are so many beautiful new models on the market, compared to a few years ago but alas, the price has always put me off, although as I can see from your pictures, you obviously get exactly what you pay for!

The price is not high! The Micro Ace DF 90 had cost half the price of the Dapol Hymek! And you can buy Micro Ace steam engines from shop in UK for similar or lower price than Dapol steam locos. Before the exchange rate of the Yen went up during the last month you could buy large steam locos for less than 60 Euro from Japan. Even now Wellington Models offers big steam engines for £74.99 !
However when one considers that the Japanese market is probably the worlds largest in N scale and you compare the volume produced with that from Dapol and add the fact that part of the production is done in the UK then Dapols pricing is highly commandable and I think their products are excellent value for money.

ps: forgot to mention my japanese trams:
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Hmmm. You have certainly got me thinking about Japanese N gauge now? Seems to me that they are only just a tad more expensive than the American outline and they are well cheap and well made and detailed as well? Would I be right in saying that? Yes, Dapol is exceedingly good value for money and by far superior to anything GFbyB can make at the moment but would be even better as and when they can sort the motors out on some of their loco's and the back-to-back on some of their carriages as well. I have 'B' Sets and Siphons that just wobble like jelly whenever they move and they jump on Peco point frogs as well! Which is a shame, as they are very nicely made and detailed little models as are all their loco's. But running and peformance wise, because of the sheer weight of the GF and GFbyB stuff, they out run Dapol by well over a nose length! I don't have one GF loco that derails on points. Yet all of my Dapol ones do because the pony trucks etc, are to light wieght and need to be made of metal and not plastic. It's just not heavy enough to handle the frogs on the points etc. I could be wrong but I have checked these locos running so many times now and thats about the only thing I can see, that is making this happen with some Dapol locos? I have friends who are experiencing exatly the same thing as well, even with different class loco's. Maybe just me I suppose?
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Hi. New to this forum.

I am 1960 Southern. One Mercahnt Navy, one spam can, one Standard five, one Q1, one N Class, one Class 24 and one Black 5 with a Class 33 in build. All but the Black 5 and 33 with sound chips.

Layout in build currently having points wired up (slowly).
The locos are superb my favorite being the snow blower think i may have to take a look at that one more closely

A recent addition to my locos is the Micro Ace ED79 Cargo E-lok a superb little loco with lots of detail directional lighting which can be switched off via a miniature switch on the underside,and working pantographs in N scale all for £25.00 plus carriage from Hong Kong a bargain in anybodys book, converting it to DCC was easy ..... removal of the traction tyres for contact doesnt seem to make any difference in its performance installation of microtrains gives it a better look over the supplied rapido type coupling.

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Ok folks, a poll has now been added at the beginning of this post so you can find out numbers.
UPNICK, the loco looks stunning! Excellent value for money!
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