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most of my early modelling was in TT....triang stuff, etc.....twin-motored Brush A1A's, etc....body kits by Bec and Gem, of course.....

triang track mostly...but also fibre-based Peco..and GEM...

as in most other commercial scales...there is some scale discrepancies.....and gauges....namely 12mm track..TT, I think, and 14.2mm track...3mm scale. Isn't continental stuff a different scale ratio to UK stuff?

I like it....but wont go there now..too much HO and OO eyesight!

it IS a handy scale if one's barra revolves around scratchbuilding or KNOW you hard work isn't going to be bettered by Bachmann come Xmas.

S scale is another oddball....yet much can be utilised from other scales?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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