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I was wondering...

What ever happened to TT scale? I was just looking at the Tillig website, the only major manufacturer in 1:120 scale and it occured to me that they do have a good point about it being the 'golden middle' between N and OO/H0. It seems almost an accident that quite shortly after TT was introduced it was trumped by N with much finer detailing at the time, all those years ago. TT declined swiftly in the face of such impressive minaturisation and never recovered. It seems a shame to some extent because H0/OO modellers like the size and ease of detailing/more detail of the larger size while N modellers enjoy more realistic sized curves, expansive scenery or fitting more into a small space etc. TT seems to me a perfect combination so that everbody wins...

...I was just thinking that there must be a parallel universe where 1:120 triumphed over all the other gauges and such convergence by the whole modelling world on one gauge would allow a wider range of models to be produced and greater economies of scale...or is it always the case that people want to be different and then in this TT dominated parallel universe there is a spin-off gauge half way between N and Z and another between OO and O, so still no conformity to one standard? I suppose that even if Europe was TT dominated then those in North America would still want a larger gauge because of their bigger and more gas-guzzling is better philosophy...

Right, I'm off to find out: into my time-machine and back in time to 1959 with my atomic bomb to stop Arnold inventing the Rapido 200...

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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