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If intending to build a 'model of a railway'....then much indeed will be scratchbuilt, will it not?
The Woodhead line is,I believe, well served by kits in N gauge...particularly locos...[EM1 kit?]

Of course, OOgauge has the infamous Tri-ang well as all those left-field kits using resin, etc...

but why OO?

If attempting to model the prototype, why not go one step further and use EM or P4?

Sadly, as modellers we all seem locked into the ''big 3'..namely, N, OO and O.

But there ARE other options...with magnificent backup in one what about 3 mm scale?

nicely halfway between OO and N?

Of course, the other option is the real scratch [and kit!]builder's route, and that's S scale........between OO and O in size

all depends on one's modelling 'bent'?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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