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Hi there 'always horizontal'.

I could, as has been suggested, wax lyrical about N Gauge but at the end of the day it's down to a combination of what you set out to achieve, the space you have available and, not to be under-estimated, a steady hand and good eye-sight.

I too would model 00 if I had enough space to run prototypical length trains through rolling country-side, but I don't, so since this is my own aim, I have chosen N Gauge as being the only way to achieve this in the space available. Having said that, however, the range of RTR locos and rolling stock now available in N Gauge is pretty extensive and covers just about every region and era you could think of. The quality and level of detail are, I would estimate, about the same as was available in 00 only 5 or 6 years ago. DCC is possible with most N Gauge locos though built-in sound is, I think, as yet only available in American and Continental RTR models. It may be possible to retro-fit sound into the diesels/electrics and some of the larger British outline steam locos but for the smaller ones, forget it !! Kit building in N Gauge is very fiddly and I have, so far, restricted myself to maikng up some small freight wagons. I don't think I would have either the eye-sight or steady hands necessary to build a loco in this scale.

Interesting suggestion from Alastair about 3mm scale though from what I understand you will need to be prepared to build not only the locos and rolling stock but also your own track and points.

If I had had the space you have I think I would have gone for 00, not just for it's ease of working on but for the quality of current RTR models and their in-built sound capabilities.

Good luck with your deliberations and keep us posted whichever way you go.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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