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age old question. what guage. planing to build a layout based on prototype. something on the woodhead route. likebiulding kits, so most of my stock will be kit built. thing is I just seem to keep going round in circles. O gauge, kits are a pleasure to build in this gauge. detail you can achive is fantastic. size for realistic running and cost are it's downfall. OO gauge kits bit more fiddly but can still achieve good standard of detail. realistic length trains can be run. In the space available will I be able to have a good sized scenic area. N gauge. never built a kit in this scale, but can imagine it to be very fiddly. would be able to achieve a almost exact replica in space available. space i should have available estimated to be approx 17ft x 8ft once loft is converted. as you can see pro's and con's for each scale.

thanks in advance
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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