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I've recently returned to the world of model railways after probably the best part of 20+ years, and I seem to remember there was a pretty good supplier of metal kits, for things like a GWR water tower, called I think Mike's Models? Have they been taken over or gone out of business? Alternatively, if people know of other suppliers that might be able to help I would be grateful for the info.


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Mike's Models tended to produce a lot of narrow gauge OO9 scale kits.

I very vaguely remember reading something in Model Rail a while back that Mike's Models products had been absorbed into the range of somebody else as Mike had retired. It is the Mike's Models of Swansea I presume.

Now I may be right and I may be wrong and it may have been something different altogether but it does seem to ring a bell.

This is a telephone number taken from a Swansea business directory so it is in the public domain - 01792232264

Holt Model Railways of Swansea seem to share the same address and telephone number as Mike's Models so you should get an answer. Please keep us informed.

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