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QUOTE (Brian @ 24 Aug 2006, 09:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi MMD
When I trun off my Prodigy Advance system, so long as its the base units power switch thats turned off and not the wall socket, all the previous setting are remembered. So at switch on everything is as before, including the clock settings.

Can't comment on other system though.

To me at least I suspect that it may be a similar problem.

Or, it may be that when powering off all the boosters (there must be quite a few if the layout has 100 amps floating around !) some sort of surge/spike is getting onto the track & corrupting the decoders somehow. The only solution I can think of would be to put a swich or relay into the booster to track/bus wiring (one for each booster/power district) so that DCC power is switched off "cleanly".
Same again on power up - switch on the boosters - wait 5/10 seconds & then "hit the switches". Thinking about it it may be the power up thats causing the corruption, rather than the power down.
(Thats one of the reasons that audio amplifiers connect the speakers to the ouput stage after a delay - to allow the electronics to stablise).

There was a similar problem with one of the ZTC units that was cured in this way.

best regards
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