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this idea isn't new......and there are many modelling US-style prototypes(?) who invent liveries for their own personal railroad/shortline.
mind, US steamers are easy to paint..they're pretty much all black!

however, it seems this thread has sort-of pre-empted the most recent 'Model Rail' mag (just dropped thru the letterbox)......the 'Trials of Treoch' which the author has engaged another to 'renumber and rename' some Bulleid pacifics, with mythical more in keeping with the layout's location?

I'm not sure I sit comfortably with this kind of 'freelancing?'

I appreciate and admire the freelance modelling of the likes of John Ahern and Edward Beal..........but am not sure about simple 'fake identities?'

I would prefer not to have 'bulleids that never were' there is little 'suspension of belief' in that.

However, I see no wrong in a modeller running any loco, even if that loco might be subject to the, 'that never ran in the modelled area' etc....
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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