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QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 18 Jun 2007, 06:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>A frequent complaint by rivet counters is that this or that is not prototypical. Does it really matter whether it is or is not as long as you are happy running whatever you enjoy on your layout? Now while this has been discussed frequently before, here is a new dimension to the argument. The links below will show some very unprototypical, yet very nice, locos. These may be heresy to some, so if easily offended then don't follow the links. These locos are for the broadminded.

Would you buy these and run these on your layout?
An enjoyable website. I thought that the modern liveries as applied to steam engines looked a bit too garish, but old LNER/GWR/LMS etc. liveries on newer trains like the HST appealled to me more. I probably wouldn't want to run any 'heavily' ficticious liveries such as these but anything where a locomotive was just 'a signature' away from carrying the livery in real life would be fine...lightly ficticious you could call it. In fact people who don't spend their lives checking just which train wore which livery for which years are already enjoying this aspect of modelling. As long as one captures the 'feel' of the railway then I don't mind if X never had Y livery.

Is it just me or does the APT look hideously ugly no matter what livery it is paintshopped into? The lights are too low down in my opinion... (It needs a facelift!) but it never got beyond a prototype did it? And the HST does look better than the HST prototype...

1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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