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There is no point going into denial. I meet up with a lot of model train collectors of all sorts of model railway ephemera from the few in number Trix collectors to the large number of Dublo collectors and even larger number of Triang collectors overseas. One thing they all agree on is clear. For the model railway collector Ebay has become god's gift....

One interesting fact that is strange but true according to a recent email from Ebay.

Norwich is the Ebay capital of the UK with 44% of its population registered as members!

Does this also make Norwich the collector capital of the UK?

Based on this tit bit of information every trader of collectable model railway goods should open up an outlet in Norwich.

So if you are from Norwich maybe you can give us an insight into why Ebay has fired up the imagination among your fellow citizens?

And if you are live outside Norwich you may wish to give folk from Norwich some advice about Ebay as clearly they may be in need of it!

Happy modelling
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