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What locomotive would you most like to see in OO scale?

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Just for fun I thought I'd ask this question since I've been thinking about this recently. What is the best locomotive that you can't find in OO scale?
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Well Folks Sadly, none of the above will be happy as the latest announcement is a NEW 4mm version of the Dapol Terrier. All I can say is that I hope all the errors on the 7mm version are eliminated. I appreciate that the 7mm model won a model of the year award but that has never been any guarantee of accuracy just a measure of popularity. As the saying goes "Never let truth get in the way of a good story" Bearing in mind the innumerable errors present on the Dapol B4 "AS IT HAS CURRENTLY BEEN ILLUSTRATED" I fear the worst for the Terrier. Admittedly the original Terrier was a real dogs breakfast and Dapol must have been really pleased to offload it to Hornby but that was decades ago. It would be nice to see a new one, not just marginally improved, but made to the current best standard and not just a scaled down version of the 7mm model. Those who want to see some of the errors should read the forum topic, in another place, dealing with the 7mm version but should bear in mind many errors were not mentioned there.
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