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What locomotive would you most like to see in OO scale?

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Just for fun I thought I'd ask this question since I've been thinking about this recently. What is the best locomotive that you can't find in OO scale?
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Well, seeing as Southern stocks have improved lately, what about a K class 2-6-0 in late black BR livery.
They ran the freight on the South Coast line up until withdrawn. My primary School, South Lancing Primary adjoined the line, and we had WC/BB, K, Schools, E6 etc, and utterly brilliant place to be a young trainspotter.
The K class was a solid workhorse, one of Billinton's most successful classes.
Well, I already put in a bid for the ex-LBSCR K class 2-6-0 which was a wonderful workhorse, but I have a few other favourites that would make really nice models....
Surviving until the late 1950's, and 1960, working their iconic local services between Helensburgh and Arrochar & Tarbet were Reid's versatile C15 and C16 classes. A model of these elegant locos would be a nice addition for modellers of the NBR/LNER/BR scene north of the border.

I do like the E4 idea too.
(The tank access steps probably provided as 'user optional' parts as the Walschaerts gear might well foul on set track curves.)
But the steps are one of the most recognisable and uniquely distinctive features of the class!!
1 - 3 of 116 Posts
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