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Not ever having seen this model apart, is there any prospect of positioning the decoder in the cab? I have the class 15 and 16 models from Heljan, and on both the treatment of the cab interior below the window line eats into available interior space, a thick moulding positioned well above the mechanism parts. On the class 16 this was visually intrusive, and I replaced it with a folded piece of black paper which concealed the mechanism and took up much less space and was thus 'invisible'. Had it been necessary to find space for a decoder on this model that would have made a suitable location.
Bromsgove Models kindly left their Heljan decoder installs up after closing down, maybe of some use Heljan Class 14 DCC Installation The Class 14 was the first one I did on receipt and thought it was just me that couldnt fit a decoder in.
1 - 1 of 116 Posts
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