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What locomotive would you most like to see in OO scale?

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Just for fun I thought I'd ask this question since I've been thinking about this recently. What is the best locomotive that you can't find in OO scale?
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I think Hornby could do a later version of the P2 with the Bugatti streamlining as they already have the chassis.

I have long liked the idea of an A2/1 although there were but 4 of them.

Bachmann have the GCR D11 so a D10 should be quite easy

an N5 0-6-2tank how about Oxford for this one.

sensible choice, my layout is heavily GCR and freight so;

Bachmann an O4/8 there were 99 of these marriage of O4 chassis to 100A - O1 boiler

and for fun

GWR rebuilt MSWJunc no 16 2-6-0 only one of these but it once stood in for a failed King! the first one no 14 did not last long.

A Highland River 4-6-0 'cos I love these
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The River still stands as my top choice, this (with a bit of brain power from Derby ) could have been the standard mixed traffic loco over 10 years before the Black 5 came along, still there has been progress, oddly 34c I have not seen a request for a J6 which I would have thought would have been up there, sorry if I missed it on your numerous postings.

I could start a thread on long lead times, I am still waiting for the new J39 which is odd as this was surely a well known and round about the system go anywhere freighter.
On the 9F side of things a rebuilt Crosti, now I saw these on the Colne Valley when a schoolboy so one I would fork out some beer tokens on especially as both big box makers have the chassis so surely not that difficult, they also actually lived quite a long time in this guise.

We (well at least 34c and I) are waiting for the Heljan O2/2 maybe one day perhaps it will hove to over the horizon. I agree to that an A5 and an N5 would both be welcome, I have these as kit built but they do devour maintenance. N1 would also be a nice addition just the thing for Halifax-Queensbury-Bradford service.

We now have the Q6 and there were quite a few similar freighters so a GCR Q4, GNR Q 123, LYR freighter and the LMS 7F are all possibles of course the GCR one is the most interesting/impressive of this bunch having outside cylinders

Now one loco that started out with an interesting career where the LYR rebuilt dreadnoughts, this should appeal to Scottish modellers as these worked the Preston-Glasgow section before the Scots, many withdrawn early until it was realised that the piston rings were rubbish and after adjustment the remaining few had quite a long life into BR days.

So maybe something to look forward to - eventually

PS I still like the A2/1 which is basically a V2 somewhat modified and of course that is another model rather overdue, announced prices leave me cold however so I may stick with the two I already have
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The other change is that small batch manufacture is much easier these days so maybe back in 1960 Triang would release a model each year roughly, it was a major effort, sort of looked like a steamer but that was what there was, now we can knock out small volume highly accurate models costing reasonable numbers of beer tokens, so there is less impediment to making models of limited appeal, the trick is getting it right and this makes the market more interesting

So back to my ideas, Wolseley (perhaps an 18/85?) likes the totally useless but attractive 191 class, interesting that his ideas changed as soon as the Rivers turned up and later Caley locos looked like Rivers just they were naff, the 956 might have done OK but the Oban locos were really rubbish, I love the "wee contraption 'o' my ain" said Pickersgill when referring to the valve gear on the 956 but then perhaps there is enough volume to make a few sales and a few new manufacturers looking for a nice option no one else is looking at. (the 3 different Adams 4-4-2tanks case in point0

So I'll stick to the Rivers, A2/1, Q4, A5, N5, rebuilt Crosti 9F, 7F 0-8-0, etc
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15/60 must be an early one, I think 16/60 came out quite soon after introduction, my dad had a Wolseley 12 as his first car before a Jowett Javelin then moved on to a series of Standard Vanguards, he had finished working at Gorton by then as he saw nationalisation as rationalisation.
My first car I drove was a Jowett Javelin a 1952 de luxe model with leather seats, walnut dash and picnic trays, I drove it whilst 16 in a big depot then on 17th birthday drove it over to Oldham to see grandfather, father had got very keen on these was in the Jowett club and rebuilt a few of them.
Thanks for the Wolseley history in Australia I have never heard before thanks for that.
So Jones goods, well as one still exists and it has an interesting livery it would be sure to sell, personally I doubt this would have lasted in numbers to make my bit of model Buckinghamshire 1962, that said I may buy one just for fun.

I have wondered about a pre grouping set of stock so I can reset the clock from 1962 to 1922, that might be fun but I would need a lot of stock, in the meantime I do have a pair of GCR Directors I'll try posting a pic. Mons meets Butler Henderson
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I got hold of a Model trains 2021 copy recently and in it it declares that the J39 replacement project by Bachmann has been terminated so much for that one, perhaps a good one for the new entrants as it is bound to have some appeal, anyway no point in waiting any longer for Bachmann on this one.
Going back a bit ref 'Gresley was right' - well first off father worked on these things and his knuckles said Thompson was right and conjugated valve gear was not at all good, see the work done by SO Ell when they got a V2 on the Swindon test plant, lets be honest it was Thompson who rebuilt Great Northern - er rather thoroughly and then rebuilt the P2's into A2/2's that got him a bad press, his work on B16 and D15 was excellent the B1 was was probably a masterpeice etc.

Right so what would I like to see, the most likely given we have an streamline P2 on the way would be a rebuilt Crosti as I used to see these coming down the Colne valley from Standedge heading for Liversedge oil depot and there is loads of scope for this one, they lasted nearly to the end of steam.

Of course the Rivers and some nice one offs such as the high running plate Caprotti black 5 and the Stephensons valve gear Black 5 would be interesting

See what you think?
Yes 34c the desire for Thompson to make equal length conrods was behind those long front ends and Pepp simply crunched up the front end to make it look balanced but of course Pepp kept the 3 sets of valve gear that Thompson wanted and yes there was a lot right about the A1/A3/A10 and in this model the conjugated gear seemed to do better, but listen to one at speed and it sounds like a 4 cylinder loco with a missing cylinder and as I said above the V2 when put on the test plant showed it was not doing anything in one direction. So technically Thompson was right to try and even up but not at the cost of the long front end, actually this is one of the reasons I like the A2/1 because the balance looks right. The other issue was the sheer size of the 50 sq ft grate which actually cost coal in order to keep the grate covered. so again the A2/1 with the smaller grate looks right and they could run at very small cut offs, were fast and pulled well, shame there were only 4 of them.
On one point somewhat to my surprise the original A1 was no better in use than the Raven A2 again one suspects the conjugated gear did the A1 no favours whilst the A2 was sound it just looked antideluvian.

So I can add the A2/1 to my list

The other quite interesting effort was the V4, only 2 of them of course, I have one as a kit but a nice manufacturers model would be a nice effort, complicated and expensive as it was the B1 was clearly better in every regard but who knows we might have had a few hundred V4's.
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Just add I have 2 K1's as kits but they have fallen apart but a K1/K2 is a good model (I mean the GNR design not the later Thompson) so that would be a useful loco.
I have a J6 but it fell apart never quite repaired this one it being a kit of course, but being brutally honest the mass produced models are much better especially more recently than a 40 year old kit would be. So yes a J6 would also be a good choice but I slightly favour the K2 all the same.
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Have to see what father christmas leaves in the stocking but most likely to be wife's credit card bills. (she needs it!)
BR had 50 of the 2-10-0 austerity locos and I think used them on the Caley between Glasgow and Carlisle but who cares I want one! look good on windcutters between Annesley and Woodford yard, as to Grahams comments above all a bit sad really, models are not cheap so much as I am sure we all wish newer suppliers well reputation is still very important, if they need anything testing it may be worth asking we armchair experts to have a go!
The obvious place for the P and the P2 locos was the GCR as it was built to heavier standards than all the others and way more than the GER, also they had more advanced handling techniques and had invented the windcutters of fast unfitted trains between Annesley and Woodford and on top of that the railway had no level crossings, in WW2 when loads got really heavy they would have handled the vast loads very well indeed.
On Southern steamers the H15 would be interesting as it had an interesting shape to the footplate/splashers but as we have the S15 and N15 already I suppose it'll not be on shed anytime soon
If we are in Scotland then the River is on my list - the LMS spoilt for choice but the river had given the LMS a Black 5 in 1923 - sort of but they were fixated on the bigger railways whilst the smaller ones had nothing to contribute, I also would like to see a Crab 2-6-0 built into a 2-8-0 so that is a project
Mind with the new releases of existing popular models such as the V2 and Black 5 coming that'll be a target for me to upgrade along with a GCR A5 tank for sure and I will try the Jones goods in 1962 livery as I have a soft spot for Stroudley improved engine green from a visit to the York museum when they were in a side shed and you could climb all over them, I was impressed with Gladstone and decided the Midland 4-2-2 was incredibly primative.

so I will be selling quite a number of bangers (er mint pre owned locos to you mate) in the near future.
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The B16 came down to Mirfield to work the Calder Valley as the Yorkshire L&Y sheds went to the North Eastern region, there were 3 types, Original, Gresley with silly conjugated gear and Thompson which was the best of these but they looked just like the B16/2 Gresley version, I have all 3 as kit locos. still as you say a worthwhile project.

To me the K2 would be more a priority and I think the V4 would go well as this was due to be a standard type had Gresley not p;assed on.
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