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What models would you like to be made?

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I would like to see a few more work-a-day locomotives in the new ranges, it was the practise 30 odd years ago to only make well known locomotives and the modeller had to make any that were not Pacifics or Kings and Castles. the choice now is far better but many classes are ignored by the manufactures. I would love to see an O4 or J11 available. Why not an Ivatt Atlantic? I was told in the 60's that no-one would want a WD, times change. Many modellers are into 50's and 60's steam so I would have thought that the demand was there for lesser wel known types. It took me years to get the WD and K3. WHAT DO YOU THINK?
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I would like to see some Thompson Pacifics, A1/1 GN, A2/2 and A2/3 really, even though they are not the most attractive locos built, there is something about them i like, especially the A2/2s plus whether you like them or don't and Eastern Region Layout needs them :)
The problem is that there are so many
Midland 4-4-0 compounds (there would probably have been some around in the 50s)
Claud Hamiltons (also around in the 50s but probably 'Gresleyised')
A few Atlantics like the 'Highflyers'
Remembrance 4-6-4T would be impressive
Greasley full brake;
mk1 Sleeper;
mk1 FO;
mk RBK;

Retooled V2;
A2/3 A2/2 etc...
What about the diesels ?

I would like to have a model of the English Electric type 2, the class 23, after refurbishment when apart from still being overweight (like all the other Bo-Bo type 2's) they seemed to have been reasonably reliable. I'd like it in Blue / yellow which probably restricts the model to one prototype !

A decent class 73 in blue and yellow with a TOPS code would be nice as well !
What about GWR 2-8-0 's? It should not be too difficult to produce 42xx, 52xx and 47xx classes, or even extend to 2-8-2 72xx, from existing models.
I would like to see an LMS Claughton, LNER W1 "Hush Hush", New B1 with better chassis.

Kind regards

Hey Guys,

Why not an N Gauge TORNADO !!??.

VBR Chris A.
Bachmann have always said that their N range will largely mirror the OO range, so Tornado must be a reasonable bet.
QUOTE (BobB @ 4 Mar 2009, 14:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>.. I would like to have a model of the English Electric type 2, the class 23, after refurbishment when apart from still being overweight (like all the other Bo-Bo type 2's) they seemed to have been reasonably reliable. ..
Me too, though as someone who was there at the time, I can tell you they very quickly resumed normal unreliability after refurbishment. ER by then had enough Ped power for the suburban service and moved the 23s onto freight; and for the remainder of their short service life, used them in pairs or in multiple with something more reliable like a 20 to give the train some chance of making it to destination! Nevertheless a very pretty looking machine...
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You can all have an opportunity to tell the manufacturers what models you want them to make through the MREMAG annual Wishlist poll which is running throughout March.

You can reach the polls here:
or here:


Graham Plowman
I think that the A1 Tornado is a good idea but I would prefer one that I actually saw. I know that Bachmann make one but I cannot get one for love nor money, especially the money. Everyone I have tried either cannot get them or has sold out. The manufacturers are very slow on their deliveries this year and most model shops are short of supply for many items.
definitely a SECR C Class... runs right through to EMU times and was used for almost anything over a wide area...
some pregrouping carriage stock eg birdcage set
some decent long-wheelbase wagons eg tube

bu congratulations to the manufacturers for setting up such a variety in the new releases.
I'd like to see some variations on existing models that haven't been produced yet. No tooling up, no R & D, just the appropriate mould plugins and livery variation.

VF Class 37 centre headcode, skirts, green small yellow or full yellow end.
(this one I want)

37, split and panel, VF and RSH, skirts, large logo and early variants thereof (like 37111/2)
This one I still can't believe Bachmann didn't make, given the popularity of Large Logo blue. There's potential for a limited edition of Stratford's pet, 37116 as well.

And a small variation to an existing model that Bachmann were going to do but apparently shyed away from,
the late 24/early 25 D5114-50, D5151-517? (The existing Bachmann 24 is a model of the relatively small batch D5020-50ish ( I never can remember where the change to the fuel tanks came) despite the numbers that it has been released as.)

If Hornby were to produce an all new diesel, how about finally retiring the old 21/29 hybrid that's been produced on and off for so many years and give us proper ones to the same standard as the 56, 60 etc. Modern plug-in mould technology should allow both to be produced from one master. Given that the range of diesels that are not now available RTR/not announced is now extremely short, it has to be worth consideration.

You just know that someone will make the new GE freightliner loco pretty soon after the real ones appear. Of no interest for me, but it will be for plenty of others.
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EMUs, EMUs and some EMUs.

I know you guys are into steam but I thaught I would vent my frustration that there are no RTR EMUs (excluding pendos and the upcoming javilin).

I wish they would bring out a 450.
The problem with pendos it they look stupid unless there in a full 9 car rake and most people don't have the space. 5 car and less like the 220/221/222 DMUs are the best size. Alternatively making 2/3 car EMUs with working Dellner couplings so two units can be joined

There is such great detail put into locos whay not into multiple units?

I would like to see-

Working Dellners, (obviously only look wise),
Realistic walkways that don't leave a gap inbetween carriges (this one is a biggie),
Painted/detailed interiors allowing buyers to fill them with people and a overprised snack trolly,
Small LED on the 3rd rail pick up that randomly "arcs" like you can buy off of express models,

Oh yes and london underground stock, please.

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What would I like to see one of the manufacturing companies producing ?

There's only one model I'd like to see one of them produce and that is the Blue Pullman.

Blue Pullman of course but I would like to add my voice to the calls for a Cloughton. at the moement with the way the financial situation is it would have to be something really spectacular to prise my wallet open. A Cloughton would stand a good chance.

They are planning on retooling the V2 but to be honest I dont really see why. There is nothing wrong with the existing model. It might not be DCC friendly but thats only a chassis. The body is still more than holds its own against modern releases.

I would love to see some very early loco's. a puffing billy or a decent model of the rocket....

Actually I forgot to mention that I would love to see the blue Pullman, And a re-make of the APT!

Kind regards

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What about a class 28 - OK not a lot of colours to go with but still nice loco!!!

And for rolling stock.......

a mk1 Observation coach and a mk3 DVT
OK a wide mix of things, and yes can all be got in kit form, but still would be nic RTR.

4mm of course...

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LNWR railmotor, loco and rolling stock wish in one.
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