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What should Hornby produce next?

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Which of the following should Hornby produce?
Class 26/27 Diesel Loco75.15%
SR/BR Schools Class 4-4-0 Loco2417.65%
LNER/BR Q6 0-8-0 Loco1410.29%
SR/BR M7 0-4-4 Tank Loco42.94%
Blue Pullman2719.85%
Class 156 DMU1712.50%
GWR Dukedog 4-4-0 Loco107.35%
GWR City of Truro 4-4-0 Loco1511.03%
Thompson/Peppercorn A2 4-6-2 Loco1813.24%
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I have visited the Hornby website and reviewed the list of suggestions made in the "suggestions" section over the last month or two by members of the Hornby discussion group . There is certainly a theme going with regard to one or two of the locos suggested. I have no particular comment to make as the loco I would like to see light of day is not in the list although I suspect it may be on Hornby's development agenda as it is a certain Bulleid.

So are visitors to Hornby's website and members of the Hornby discussion area providing a true reflection of what Hornby should be planning and are they on the right track?

Which of the locomotives in the poll would you nominate if you only had to nominate one?

Happy modelling
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I'd like to see an SDJR 7F, think I'll be waiting a while though!
After many years in the hobby, I still maintain that Hornby produces its locomotives for the toy market - too much plastic used. Though other manufacturers as Heljan and Bachmann are now using too many parts made of plastics and reaching a time when handling a locomotive many parts simply just fall off and with no rough handling envolved.
Going back twenty odd years, a locomotive or coach could be serviced easily by the removal of a few screws and reassemble with no breakages. Now everything is "plastic" most parts easily broken when removed - "a broken part is a manucturer's profit".
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Don't really agree with that as their models are now so brilliant and accurate that they really appeal to serious modellers. We all accept we have to take great care in handling them and they really are not intended for very young children.
Hats off to Hornby(and Bachmann) they are doing a brilliant job and Hornby have to be congratulated immensly for turning roud a struggling company and making it the success it is.

Next Year M7 mark my words.

Would love a Blue Pullman but will they ?
Heljan have announced that they plan to produce a Class 26/27 diesel loco in 2006 so it is unlikely that Hornby will development this model.

So would those voting in the poll please take this into account.

There will probably now be a number of votes for a Hornby Class 26/27!

Happy modelling
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i would love a blue pullman but i am being realistic and i know i would never get a RTR version. i would be happy with a pack of the old body mouldings that i could kit bash. i am not being defeatest but it is the same with the APT. i think the only way we will ever get these models is to kit bash. but we must campaign for the parts to enable us to do this cost effectivly. currently the PARLOUR cars (not the kitchine!) are going for £80+.
if we could persuade Mr Kohler to rattle off a few thousand body shells and sell them through the spare parts dealers, i would be pleased as punch.

Something to replace the tension lock coupling would be a great step forward in my view.

The LNWR Super D would win my vote, and so would the Webb Coal Tank. However, I would think that there is a case for an improved HST 125 or Class 43, given that it has been in service for most of the last 25 years, with plenty of colour schemes from the last 10 years.
I'll second the idea on a revision for the coupling system.

When was the last Hornby 9F made? How about a superdetail DCC ready BR 2-10-0 9F?
Complete with factory fitted DCC sound as well, in S&DJR livery, and on the correct gauge too.

Me? Fussy? Pigs flying?
Both my 7F's now run with a Hornby 8F chassis, with a few simple modifications.
They both have sound deocders in the tender. They really run well. To fit the chassis
required a little bit of milling with the dremel and a bit of patience.
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I forgot I have a photo.
SDjr 7F
the layout was scrapped just before we left Johannesburg to move here to
Somerset next to the old S&Djr. BTW ever been to Priddy ?
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QUOTE (Makemineadouble @ 22 Sep 2005, 07:30)... ever been to Priddy ?

No never been out of Oz, but have some pic's thanks to help on the net.
Strange? There's no where for us to vote for the Rebuilt West Country or the Unrebuilt Merchant Navy that keep coming top of all the other polls on this subject over several years.
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I went for the 156 as it's the only modern image item on that list.

Personally i want Hornby to release a class 67 (they have the lima tooling now). Could have working lights ... but not much else ... Sound ???
I would like to see Hornby produce a model which is not on the poll list, not mentioned by anyone else and never previously produced in RTR (as far as I am aware).

It is the Southern Railway (ex.LSWR) T9, or "greyhound".
Well. I just think that there are too many big passenger engines produced.
OK they, sell but they are not the whole railway scene. Come on lets have some nice freight and smaller tank engines -
LNWR G2 0-8-0
NER G5 0-4-4T
etc etc.
Cheers everyone.
How about some adaptable prototypes such as, say, a GWR 52XX 2-8-0T and a 72XX 2-8-2T - they could share 90% of the chassis and body components and give Hornby two models for the production costs of 1.10!

Are there any other mix and match prototypes that could work this way?

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