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what to buy next

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as most of you can probably guess from the few topics i have posted i am quite new to all this stuff so all help is much appreciated

anyway now for my next question
i have just bought two class 56's in railfreight livery (red stripe) and was wondering what sort of wagons these locos would actually haul

i have gota couple of the hornby r6263 ferry vans but was wondering what else they would have hauled
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Popular one would be the Merry go round coal hoppers produced by hornby (HAA) in various slightly different guises. A bit expensive even for the old ones and of course you'd need a load of them. A possibility could also be a few carriages and run them on a railtour (or even standing in for a failed loco)
I'd go along with spongebob, but also add engineering trains - they were common on these at the time.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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