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I have used the Gem right angle cranks - they are etched brass frets. I soldered these onto 1/8th inch brass rod. This rotates in 5/32 inch(OD) tube passed through the baseboard. A washer is soldered to the top of the tube and has a couple of small holes (1mm) drilled in it to take track pins to hold the tube in place.
This can be used with a surface-mounted point motor to place the point motor in a more convenient position, or it is possible to put a second crank on the underside of the baseboard but is rather awkward - unless the baseboard can be turned on edge or upside down to ease access.

An alternative is to get a second-hand H&M Point motor from a swap-meet or fair - these came with their own cranks and could be mounted either above or below the baseboard at a distance from the point and then connected by either a Gem 'Omega loop' orsimilar stiff but springy wire.

I hope this is of help,
John Webb
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