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After looking at all the OO track options, went for SMP which has scale sleepers etc (but same cost as PECO) for the plain line and building the points from rail and copper clad for the sleepers. With point templates, reasonably quality soldering iron (& flux!) and track gauge, points are very cheap and each one only takes an evening to build and they look much better in our opinion than the HO options. You can also sweep curves and points to suit your layout, and we have found it quite simple to build the points "insitu".

My Son & I are building a model of Bat & Ball Station c1930. In a space of about 8ft x 9ft (with open area in the middle to operate), the station platform lenghts are roughly to scale, so is the loco shed, goods yard and gas works sidings, albeit we have had to omit the long sidings which served the quarry and replace the down goods loop for a head shunt, again due to lack of space. Scenic boards will be on three sides and six-road "fiddle yard" on the fourth side.

We also looked at how best to operate the points, but found much to my surprise that - at Flair Rail our local model shop - the cost of a GEM lever frame, copper wire & tube etc, was more expensive than the equivalent number of Gaugemaster point motors! I doubt they are as good as the old H&M, but time will tell!

Hopefully over the weekend - especially if it rains and I'm not called to "gardening duties", we can wire up the points and at least have the fiddle yard and up and down main lines working!!

1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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