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Whats on your work bench?

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Im just wondering what everyone is currently working on, be it a loco, layout, building, scenery etc. Please post your pics.

im currently working on a station for my layout, im building it out of card this is the platform ive made so far.
the platform

P.s it's only just sitting there it'll be glued down later.
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awww what no replys.??? anyhow heres the work ive done on my station, obviously lots of work to go.

Taking shape 1

Taking shape 2

Taking shape 3
ok Not much happening here. I added some height to a feature tree on my layout, using twigs and coconut fibres, plus Woodland Scenics foliage.

Close-up with still-wet glue.
The finished tree.
The root system, made with copper wire and DAS modelling clay.
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Excellent tree - I just don't have the patience for that - although I can spend hours with wiring, relays & such.

Just as well I have a good mate who does the scenery then !
Currently on the bench I have a Lima HO class 33 for repaint, and an assortment of wagons in for unification of couplings. Other than that it's fairly clear at present.


Nice Tree, looks great
, deffnitly one thing I havent thought about adding to my layout as yet

Sounds Great cant wait to see some pics!

I'll be posting more pics of my station soon, ive already had to rip the roof off due to more poor scaling, i made a building for Hobbits!
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mikelhh, I certainly like your tree, trunk part most realistic. Any spares available?
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At the moment i am building the Heacham armourd train. I have nearly finished the gun wagons i have still got to get an F4 loco
I'm currently building baseboards for my new layout and a Faller city building
@ neil_s_wood & M&GNR, sounds excellent, when can we expect the first pics?
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I'm a complete no-hoper with most aspects of this great hobby - I wouldn't recognise a DMU if it ran over me and as for electrics - if I get my torch batteries in the right way around it's cause for celebration.
How big will the layout be Neil?
It will be 15 feet long and 7-6 foot wide. This was the original plan I based it on. I have now moved the turntable bit to the centre so it's been modified quite a bit since.

This is the bit I'm building at the moment.

I have been charting my stage by stage development on my blog which is at the link below.
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looks like a excellent layout.
QUOTE (Trav @ 24 Dec 2006, 15:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>looks like a excellent layout.
I really hope it ends up that way!
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QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 24 Dec 2006, 06:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I really hope it ends up that way!

Very much like the look of that Neil, especially the "round the world" aspect. Be great to get regular updates on progress.
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I will sourt out some pics of the gun wagons for the armourd train when thier finished. This is bit of a hard project as there are only a few photos of the train in excistence becouse of the war. I have bein lent some real photographs by a friend hwo was railway guard and in the home guard.
Currently building, converting and detailing stock for two projects-

1.exGNSR in late green/early blue diesel period (1966-1970)
2.North Wales circa 1965-68 last gasps of steam

both in EM gauge
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I visited your blog, Neil - fascinating! I love the harbour. I'll be back.
I really like the idea of the multi-national layout, too. I hope it turns out well. Mine is a mix, too. As much as I like the look of UK steam, I didn't want to miss out on US diesels. It's on my old tabletennis table [9x5ft] half UK and half US separated lenghtwise by a scenic backdrop, but with continuous running through both halves.
QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 24 Dec 2006, 19:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Very much like the look of that Neil, especially the "round the world" aspect. Be great to get regular updates on progress.
I got the idea from an article in Model Railroader, October I think. It was about how to maximise what you get from your layout in a samll space. I really wanted UK, US and German scenes. I wont be doing much today or tommorow us Christmas has interupted progress.
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yes christmas is slowing my progress too, however my Brother gave me more track
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