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If you are talking of the pens in which two blades are separated by a rotating wheel and worm which adjusts the width of the points and thus the width of the line (the paint sits loose between the ponts held there by by surface tension), I can't recal their name 25 years after the event. However I do remember they are a devils job to use. I also have an suspicion they would be difficult to use on anything other than paper. You need the "suction" of the paper to draw the paint from the pen.They tend to "glob" at the best of times. They would be available from a graphic supply shop.(well they were last century anyway
) I have an inkling they were called something pens. Maybe paint pens? (thats gonna bug me all day!)

The other pens we used were the graphic pens made by Rotring which had very fine nozzles but required the appropriate ink to use them and again would only work well on paper, to draw the ink out.

Cheers, Bluey
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