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hi again folks,

as this is my 1st layout, i wanted to ask you experienced guys who ve done it all before -

so far:-

my baseboards are ready & painted.
iv finalised my track plans on paper.
i think im ready to start laying track but havent done anything yet because im wondering is there something i havent done yet, or need to do before i start putting tracks down?
i have fleischmann profi-track for the points and peco flexi-track for the long straight runs. ill be using noch ballasted underlay for the peco flexi-track.
all the visible track will eventually be snow covered/painted white so doesnt matter about mismatching ballast with noch/peco and fleischmann pre ballasted trackbase.

am i actually ready to start laying out the track now?

anything else i shud be bearing in mind?

(this is my 1st layout!)

thx for any tips/info

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QUOTE (alastairq @ 22 Mar 2009, 23:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>draw out trackplan full size on something like lining wallpaper......points, etc for size.....see if you like it, or even, does it all really fit?

maybe play around with some card boxes for structures,etc?

stand a train or two on on the plan?

It can be amazing how different a scale plan can look full size......

hi alastairq,

thx for yr reply, my plans are to scale and are printed out on 2 x a4 sheets of paper so i can see it all fits on the boards, and im taking your advice and now laying the tracks loosely onto the boards (for the 1st level to start with) to see how it looks and especially to see if a 7/8 car train can fit onto the lengths iv allowed for the platforms!. great advice thx!.

i hope i like what i see ... ill take some piccies so u guys can see what its going to look like too!

(ps - iv found some peco 55 n gauge electro-frog points brand new ( 4 in their original boxes with instructions and 4 loose ) in my big box of tracks!. id luv to find someone who'd like to either buy them or swop them for some fleischmann electro-frog points! - so if anyone reading this knows anyone - drop me/them a line!)
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