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Whats the point...?

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I refer to Hornby's collectors club model, a Pullman liveried Class 06.

Why produce a fantasy livery? I would have thought there were plenty prototypical models for the big H to model without making a 'toy' livery.

Are they under the assumption that one of the Pullman sections was pulled by a camera shy Class 06??

This annoys me, if they want to make a toy for the collectors club then lets have a Thomas the tank.

Footnote: I was on Ebay one of the said 06's for sale at more than the cost of joining the Hornby club,
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Post up a pic of it please so we can see what you're taking about......
I think someone at Hornby has a very good sense of humour!
They can now say they've done the Blue Pullman.
I think the rationale behind it is that they have to do a diesel periodically and they only have the 06 to do compared with about three steamers. They did a Virgin livery a couple of years ago. In the future though it may become something collectors want!
It's important I feel to have some fun in this hobby - I'd love to inject this onto our club's exhibition layout when no one was watching!!
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Every year I seriously wonder about renewing Hornby Club subs, but then you might just get that snippet or gem of information in the Collector part of the mag, which is about due I think. I find I can read the normal mag in about 10 minutes , missing out the Little Timmys layout bit- how many pics of trackmatts can there be?

As to the 0-4-0 model. I thought the Virgin 0-4-0 was bad but this one I think is putting a finger and thumb to the nose of all those who actually want a Blue Pullman ( not me). No doubt someone in Hornby thinks they are being very clever first providing a Blue Pullman trainset last year- the Class 47 and now producing this abomination of a Class 06. Is this a sign of the contempt they hold for their customers who want the real thing?

Can't we have a split? I would settle for the two collector mags per year plus a wagon rather than yet another 0-4-0 .

Contrast this with Bachmann who for their membership fee provide a good read in their mags, a wagon, a calendar and the catalogue each year. If 70% of Hornby customers are Hobbyists (per recent Guardian interview with Frank Martin) isn't it about time they did something about their Collectors club

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this thing...?

Personally, I'm not impressed.

Not taken by the 'blue pullman' mark 2's and Class 47 either...
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It's not Hornby humour is it? Having a dig at the guys who would like a blue Pullman?
I read the baccy mags, I show the Hornby one to my 4 year old. I think that about sums up where they are pitched.
Darobi, yes I agree on how the Hornby Collector is pitched - that plus the "toy" loco is the reason I did not continue with my membership.
On the other hand, I am happy with the Bachmann Club output re magazine, etc.

As I see it, the Hornby Collector mag is aimed at the train set whereas the Bachmann Collector mag is aimed at the modeller.
Quality control must be awful in China, as the logo is wonky!
I love the look of it. I don't see what everyone has against it, and I'm a steam bloke! The livery looks modern, with a slight retro feel. It'll fit in perfectly with my layout. Oh, and I don't care if the logo's wonky on it either.
The point I think is that it's a perk of being a member of the club - it's not generally available and thus not everyone can buy it.

QUOTE (BRITHO @ 9 Jan 2008, 17:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The point I think is that it's a perk of being a member of the club - it's not generally available and thus not everyone can buy it.


That's fair enough but my point is why not make it a more desirable model than one step away from a toy? Why not an '06 number that has not been released or a weathered version of the model?

(the fact its not a good runner may be a clue, shifting stock they know wouldn't sell well, or is that too cynical?)
QUOTE (King Edward 1st @ 9 Jan 2008, 08:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Quality control must be awful in China, as the logo is wonky!
What ever you do, don't lick it...
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didnt renew my hornby club membership for 2nd yr running as just wasnt happy with the mag ,few pages read in 10 mins or less and a loco that really wasnt interested in ,if was a usefull loco or carrige or even 3 goods wagons to add to layout maybe yes then might rejoin
I don't get the club membership for the mag, or the loco, but the discount I get with it, not much, granted, but as the local model shop does most things slightly higher than the discount stores, the Club discount takes the edge off and makes the model about the same price without the waiting or postage costs. It might cost £20 odd to join but if I save £30 a year its worth it. The model is a bonus for me, be worth something in a hundred years.
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