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Every year I seriously wonder about renewing Hornby Club subs, but then you might just get that snippet or gem of information in the Collector part of the mag, which is about due I think. I find I can read the normal mag in about 10 minutes , missing out the Little Timmys layout bit- how many pics of trackmatts can there be?

As to the 0-4-0 model. I thought the Virgin 0-4-0 was bad but this one I think is putting a finger and thumb to the nose of all those who actually want a Blue Pullman ( not me). No doubt someone in Hornby thinks they are being very clever first providing a Blue Pullman trainset last year- the Class 47 and now producing this abomination of a Class 06. Is this a sign of the contempt they hold for their customers who want the real thing?

Can't we have a split? I would settle for the two collector mags per year plus a wagon rather than yet another 0-4-0 .

Contrast this with Bachmann who for their membership fee provide a good read in their mags, a wagon, a calendar and the catalogue each year. If 70% of Hornby customers are Hobbyists (per recent Guardian interview with Frank Martin) isn't it about time they did something about their Collectors club

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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