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Richard, I have no problems with trackwork being to DOGA finescale but getting loco wheels out to 14.75 - 14.8 - I had great FUN with Hornby M7 wheels to match the gauge - collectors gave me problems.

I also have a couple of kit built locos made to run on Peco code 100 which I managed with difficulty to get them out to NMRA 14.5 & not sure on how much more I could move them out.
I also have just looked at a K's kit of a 44xx class 2-6-2 to build & the driving wheels are just 14.5 & the pony truck wheels well under.

I have also used Gibson wagon wheels & I must have had a couple under 14.5 coz they were a tight fit on NMRA gauge & when I twisted them out a bees' whisker, they came loose & even the rim's came off.

So I use your modifed B2B gauge which closely matches the NMRA coupled with the C&L type track gauges & all runs well - it is a matter of making sure hand made points are bang on - things do run better than thru Peco 75.
Before I started on Code 83 rail, I used 75 & the NMRA gauge used for wheels & track & in most cases RTR was not too bad - some Hornby wagon wheels were a bit tight for NMRA.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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