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check out the NMRA B2B standards for N?

regarding the shimming of check rails....this is an old trick, it appears, being re-juvenated...used in the past to improve 'stock- tracking' through old-style Peco points.......I first used it to 'cure' tracking problems on old points when using NMRA standard wheelsets.

also have used milliput/ auto filler to block out the crossing [frog] area, and to 're-cut' grooes for the eliminate 'drop' at the crossing.....and shimming of the point rail/check rail at the crossing, narrowing the gap to enable a wheelset to be 'supported' on its travels through the crossing area, on its tread.

oh what tricks we all got up to?

needless to say...[regarding shimming the check rail]...... if mr Peco et al had really got their act together,and properly copied prototype practice....then the check rail would in fact play zero part in the guiding of the wheel flange to the correct side of the crossing vee......sadly, like having electric motors in boilers, we modellers have to stray ever so far from the real thing...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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