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Wheel back to back measurements

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When I completed the track laying on my fiddle yard, I noticed that two of the five locos I was using for testing where shorting my ECoS when travelling over points. Great I thought a problem with the wiring. Thankfully, the wiring appears to be ok. That leaves me to suspect the back to back wheel measurements as being a problem as the other three locos have no problems.

I then bought the C&L back to back gauge for 00:

However, I am not sure how best to use this gauge. I believe the measurement between the wheel backs should be 14mm, is this correct?

Also, is there an easy way to adjust this on locos or does it involve a complete dismantle to prise the wheels further apart?

Sadly I suspect this will be a problem with quite a few of my locos and I guess is an unfortunate side effect of DCC as it comes with the required better sensitivity of boosters that forces you to use best operating practises!

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Take a look at Iain Rice's "An Approach to Finescale Track Building" for an informative and entertaining foray into the mysteries of wheel and track standards. By the way, I think one problem is that while the DOGA has published a standard the major players aren't required to abide by it (unlike NMRA). Getting the B2B right on rolling stock will make a huge difference to reliability, put a dab of superglue behind the wheel once set - I've found that the gauge can go off over time if you don't.
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