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Wheel back to back measurements

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When I completed the track laying on my fiddle yard, I noticed that two of the five locos I was using for testing where shorting my ECoS when travelling over points. Great I thought a problem with the wiring. Thankfully, the wiring appears to be ok. That leaves me to suspect the back to back wheel measurements as being a problem as the other three locos have no problems.

I then bought the C&L back to back gauge for 00:

However, I am not sure how best to use this gauge. I believe the measurement between the wheel backs should be 14mm, is this correct?

Also, is there an easy way to adjust this on locos or does it involve a complete dismantle to prise the wheels further apart?

Sadly I suspect this will be a problem with quite a few of my locos and I guess is an unfortunate side effect of DCC as it comes with the required better sensitivity of boosters that forces you to use best operating practises!

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I think you'll find that the NMRA back to back for RP25/110 wheels is 14.4mm , and therefore matches the DOGA Intermediate standard.

The finer wheels Richard is thinking about would be to RP25/88 and are a different matter . The nearest equivalent would be EM profile wheels (eg Gibsons) , which is what is defined by the DOGA Finescale standard, and that has a Back to Back value of 14.8mm

The DOGA Commercial/Intermediate standards have a revision date of 2004 , which is not "a long time ago" , and by definition a track standard and a wheel standard are two halves of a single whole . If you want to use wheels that don't matchwheel standard A, then it is not surprising if they don't then fit Track Standard A perfectly..

14.5mm has nothing to do with either DOGA or the NMRA , bvut is the old BRMSB figure , and I'd certainly not want to puish current RTR wheels out to 14.7mm or 14.8mm or anything between. That is simply going to ensure the check rails completely fail to operate
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