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This is one of my continuing gripes. Why are there no replacement wheels in N-Gauge as there are in 4mm scale? I'm not thinking of the wheels for wagons and coaches that Parkside Dundas supply, but replacement wheels for steam outlne locomotives. Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection of Graham Farish locomotives, many of which have undersized driving wheels, with flanges that could be used as pizza cutters. (OK that's a slight exageration, but you know what I mean. And don't mention those ridiculous bogey wheels!).

I'd like to improve the appearance of these locos below footplate level, but no-one sells the wheels I need. There are at least three companies making wheels for 4mm scale, often specific to one particular locomotive, so why hasn't someone tested the market in N-Gauge?

Who knows this could encourage more N-Gauge scratch building. And yes, I have considered the 2mm finescale route, but that involves a lot more work.
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