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Hello folks

An internet retailer in the US is recieving alot of bad press in the US about unfulfilled orders.

I know many of us have connections with sellers and retailers so i thought i would post the link as a warning!

Many of the things this retailer is having problems with are simple retail manners.

1) saying an item is in stock or even "reduced to clear" when infact it hasnt even arrived yet.

2) Taking money from credit cards before the order has been dispatched

3) a total lack of communication.

I hate the total silence after an order has been messed up. if it goes wrong then they should pick up the phone and call us to let us know there has been a problem. it would make us feel like we are recieving personal service and are actually being treated like a human being.

The owner has actually responded on the forum but he responded with managament speak and that only made the situation worse.

There is no excuse for processing a credit card if an item is not in stock. in my opinion that ranks along side credit card fraud.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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