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Where is he?

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I saw a post the other day from 2013 from 'makemineadouble.' Does anyone know if he's left the forum or is/has been ill?
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Having just reviewed the last few posts of the travel posters discussion, I'd have to agree that he's wrapped up and moved on, for whatever reasons.
I also enjoyed the history presented to us in the form of the travel posters.
Forums are strange places. If I died suddenly, no-one would think to come to these places and update 'the locals'. I suspect some former posters may have gone through natural attrition and more recently covid. Others may have just reached an age or physical state where it's no longer possible to contribute. Yet other may have just chosen to focus on another part of their lives. It seems to be happening at most forums. Maybe they've gone to FB, but then again maybe not. I know a couple of people here have discussed difficult times recently and have slowed down on updates.
Forums are strange places.
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