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QUOTE (Nobel 200 @ 25 Jun 2007, 11:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hello, Several years ago i bought a Lenz compact set with 1024 and 1025 chips included (rating 1 amp). I now wish to convert my first loco. It is a Gibson kit G6 tank engine running a mashima 1424 motor and Highlevel 60:1 gearbox. It runs beautifully. Without sacrificing the detailed cab space the only spare space is in the coal bunker. ( The tank sides have brass weights soldered in so cant use this space). The chips supplied are just a bit to big for the g6 but will fit in others. I now see Lenz now make a compact chip 10310 which will fit niceley. This has a power rating of 0.5-0.8. amp. My question is:

Will the Lenz 10310 chip be suitable for the Mashima 1424 motor?

Many thanks David S

A raw motor would be no problem at all. The question is really "Will the Lenz 10310 chip be suitable for the Mashima 1424 motor in this loco". It comes down to the weight of the loco, the gearing and what loads you expect it to pull.

You need to measure the current drawn by the loco on DC under the expected operating conditions then allow some margin. I used to advocate measuring the stall current but the wheels should always slip before the motor stalls unless the mechanism has jammed.

The Zimo MX620 has a higher current rating (0.8A continuous) than the Lenz mini equivalent. Also check if the cheaper MX63 (1A) will fit.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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