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I've bought my Digitrax Zephyr a number of years ago and have been quite happy with it. I knew no-one local that had DCC that I could talk to about makes etc, but from what I read it appeared that the Zephyr would be adequate and it has turned out that way.

I bought it from Richard Johnson over in Perth, I live just outside Canberra, so I don't exactly have local support, but have not had any problems.

I would point out that while you can use a DC controller attached to the 'Jump' port you are limited as you have to use the Zephyr to specify which loco you want on the Jump port and you only have the features of the DC controller available (that is go forwards stop go backwards but for example if I have allocated a sound equipped loco to the jump port I cann't sound the whistle.)

About a month ago I bought the low cost UT4 hand held controller to add to my system. I have found this to work fine and it certainly gives a different perspective when you can move around compared to standing beside the Zephyr. However the knobs for setting the loco address are tiny and I do find them awkward to use. I know however that I would have to pay a lot more to get the other hand held controller.

Since I bought the Zephyr, there have been a number of new DCC systems introduced and I have wondered whether if I was buying today whether I would buy the same again. At the time I bought the Zephyr it certainly was a good price compared to the others available, today it might not have quite the same price advantage. Probably the only other one I would consider today (at my end of the price market) would be the NCE one

Tony Tritschler
Bungendore NSW
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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