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Which dcc.

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I know this has probably been asked before. I'm just starting out I've decided dcc is the way for me.
I'm starting hopefully my first layout next year,I've been looking around im thinking of either hornby dcc or hornby hornby elite dcc.
My trains ive been collected are anything from triang to Bachmann. I can i think retrofit my own decoders,is this correct, all i want to do is move trains around and fit smoke to a few, and motors for points.
Will this work.
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I second 34C's advice to visit a specialist. Your choice will come down to how you prefer to control your trains - handheld or desk console.
Thinking ahead, if you think you'll end up with a large collection of locos, being able to choose the next loco to control quickly may be a factor.

A good DCC system is not going to be cheap, probably about the cost of several locos but the control benefits you get are tremendous.

I have two systems
- An original monochrome ECoS for a large layout in the loft
- A Roco Z21 for a shelf layout in my study/office.

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