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Which dcc.

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I know this has probably been asked before. I'm just starting out I've decided dcc is the way for me.
I'm starting hopefully my first layout next year,I've been looking around im thinking of either hornby dcc or hornby hornby elite dcc.
My trains ive been collected are anything from triang to Bachmann. I can i think retrofit my own decoders,is this correct, all i want to do is move trains around and fit smoke to a few, and motors for points.
Will this work.
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OK after the layout thread looks like its OO so as to dcc I use the Roco Z21 which has a good capacity I have over 200 locos on the Z21 so that should be enough, because the graphics are provided by an Android or ipad (I found this to be best) it is a bit cheaper it is also obsolescent proof so that was a big sell for me.

The next issue are decoders, Bachmann are mostly 21 pin and either the Bachmann own 21 pin or DCC Concepts 21 pin are good, and for Hornby nearly everything is 8 pin so I use the DCCConcepts 8pin nano direct as it is hardly bigger than the blanking plug so gets rid of the cables, all the above works together very nicely also the warranty is good, Richard at DCCC is a member here and very helpful if something goes bang - or melts!

As above everyone has their own options and there are other decoders such a 18, 6 and 4 pin options so ask again if you come across one of those.

I have a thread on the Z21 so perhaps you should look that up.
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As to me I have not used any Zimo decoders so have no opinions on those, I have some ESU and here I would also point out the ESU decoder tester an invaluable bit of kit, I usually prog the decoder using this as it cuts down connections so it often decodes when the loco decides to be awkward, this is really recommended a top purchase.

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